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Friday, December 09, 2016

The Power of Trump - The Power of Words

Whether you liked or voted for Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, that is not the point here. I want you to closely listen to what Donald Trump has been saying in his speeches for the last 18 months. He has been a student of self-help, positive thinking, and abundance for years, so pay close attention to his words, and how he uses them.

In his latest stump in Iowa, he did it again; he's using his magic. He said, "I am asking you to believe in yourself, and I am asking you again to believe in America, it's going to be great, it's going to be great; and if we do that together, we will make America strong again, (here he is hedging his bets by using the word "if", will he blame someone else when he is unable to attract what he promised)? I hope he can up his vibrations. He has to trust himself, and not let others get to him; by doing that he is giving them his power. Then he said, We will make America rich again, we will make America safe again, and we will make America great again. This spin is pure poetry; it could even be made into a song.

Don't forget he grew up in the age of Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Springsteen.

This is an example of how we can use our words in daily life. For the most part, he doesn't say, try, or maybe. He doesn't make excuses; he doesn't drag things out, he just makes simple statements of few words, and frames his attractions in a positive and clear way, saying what he wants. We will make America great again is 6 words. He normally uses statements of 3 to 9 words, numerology?

What I am saying to you is that if you want to attract what you want, make it clear and to the point, don't dither, don't use too many words, and don't be negative. Keep it simple folks! The only thing that is odd is the song at the end of his speeches. The song on his Twitter page is a rendition of the Rolling Stones, "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

No, you can't always get what you want You can't always get what you want You can't always get what you want But if you try sometime you find You get what you need Is he trying to tell us we will get what we need? Is that good?
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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

What Happended to the Predicted MIni Ice Age?

In the 50s and 60s we were taught in school that the temperatures on our planet were going to get colder. For those of you who deny climate change, be thankful that the planet has warmed up. Whether or not you believe in the change doesn't matter. The temperatures and storms are getting worse. In the past, people prepared for weather and geological problems, now we rarely think about this. How much money have you spent on lost food due to power outages? Do you depend on electrical appliances? What would you do if you lost all your possessions? What would you do without entertainment, TV, cell phones, or the internet? Do you have emergency plans? There are many sites on the net that talk about ways to prepare. Go for a few days without TV, phones, internet, appliances. Cook from scratch. Think about what you will eat without power to prepare food. Have you family sit around and tell stories.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Disappearing Coastlines, a Cayce Prediction

Edgar Cayce predicted that our coastlines would change. I don’t remember if he gave an exact date, but he said it would happen during our time. Most people believe that his prediction was wrong and that nothing happened, but Cayce was right. Because we were too focused on the idea that planetary changes would start with earthquakes and that any changes would be sudden and dramatic, we missed what was actually happening.

Our planet started warming up many years ago at about the time Cayce predicted the changes would start. Most people thought the rise in temperature was only an anomaly.  And since the rise in temperature was gradual, it was missed. In the Northeast, up until the late 70's one or two heat waves occurred in August. Now the heat waves start in June and continue until September and sometimes October.

 Scientists are now able to measure the changes; the changes that are leading to such things as Global Warming that started in the 80’s or maybe even in the 70’s. Scientists have determined rise in ocean levels will cause our coastlines to recede, and affect our weather, bringing floods, fires, drought, extremes of weather, and unusual events such as the tornadoes that appear frequently in places such as Florida, where until recently a tornado was rare.

Glacial melting has been evaluated. It is now predicted that the increase of water in the oceans and the extremes of climate, will cause our coastlines to recede. It is not expected to be critical for another 100 or more years. Temporary measures will hold back the water and replace the sand, but this is only temporary. The cost will be prohibitive and those living far from the coast will not want to pay for these fleeting, expensive, and often useless measures.  Insurance companies will not pay for the losses or damage to property, and the cost of insurance will skyrocket.

Most scientists say the changes will soon be irreversible; it is too late to reverse most of the damage. The serious damage will not occur for several hundred years. Who knows, by that time maybe technology will save us.

Many assumed the changes will be due to earthquakes, and maybe this will eventually be true. It sounds like they myth of Atlantis all over again.

Several years ago it was predicted that the planet would get colder, but that also was only a myth. There was no scientific evidence to support that idea. 

This does not mean that you should panic; it does mean that you should be realistic and plan carefully. Don't burden yourself with excessive debt to purchase that place on the coastal waterway. It will be wiser to just vacation in that wonderful seaside spot. Learn to be flexible and live simply. Considering the current doubts about the health of commercial food and its availability, learn to garden and put up your own food, especially learn how to ferment your food. Many cities have land that is available for gardening.

Do not depend on our communication and transportation systems alone, even if it means raising a carrier pigeon, beating on a drum, or becoming telepathic. We are resilient, and we will find ways to survive and build a better future.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Murder in the 11th House

Learning astrology can be fun.


If you like astrology and enjoy a good murder mystery, Murder in the 11th house is a good, fun, read. Mitchell Scott Lewis has started a detective series that stars a detective/astrologer.

Detective David Lowell became wealthy using astrology, now he has time to help others by using his detective skills along with astrology. Astrology is used to search for a murderer. The author does a great job explaining the birth charts of many of the characters in his novel.

What a great way to learn astrology. I have always believed learning is easier with stories.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


By now most of you have heard of the 2012 shift, coinciding with the reset of the Mayan Calendar.  If you do not know anything about this event, I suggest you go to a search engine, such as Google, and type in the words "end of Mayan Calendar". This is not the end of the calendar. It is the end of a 28,000 year cycle and the start of a new cycle. There will be celebrations and meditations all over the world starting on December 12, 2012 and ending on December 21, 2012 (Eastern Standard Time). Join one of the meditations, or do your own meditations or affirmations. At least think about the power of love throughout the day and until December 21.


Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Across the Planetary Aisle by Philip Sedgwick

An article by Philip Sedgwick a great astrologer

During the past few days, Jupiter aligned with the immensely powerful Great Attractor through an opposition. For all intents and purposes, he’s still there, and will be through his station in one month, and continuing through the middle of November.

In the next couple days, the Sun, from his position of discernment in Virgo, comes up to square Jupiter.

The Sun and Jupiter are the most massive two bodies in our solar system, and both now occupy mentally-based, idea-driven signs.

The Great Attractor, which Jupiter now opposes, emanates energy in all electromagnetic frequencies, excluding none. As well, the gravity of the Great Attractor is so intense that it bends light completely around it, allowing for a look at what might be hidden in a hand behind the back. Not a great time for magicians... or politicians.

I find it ironically perfect that this year, the Jupiter to the Great Attractor aspect became exact in between the two major political conventions in the United States - I’m sure similar things are playing out on news networks that do not broadcast in this country. It’s time for ideas that work, without the nonsense of spin, special interests and sleight of hand. Since Jupiter is the planet of fortune, he might say, “Good luck with that set of aspirations.”

Still, Mars recently passed the degree of the immense, gravitationally significant, consciousness warping (in a good way) Shapley 8 galactic cluster and Saturn will be there a fortnight after Jupiter’s upcoming station. And with the recent enormous blast of solar energy on Earth, the titillation in the air points toward saving the world through the application of newly acquired insight, innovation, brilliance and the seeds of understanding that endorses a consciousness that supports cooperation. This at a time when the two big guys in the solar system are most inclined to argue about which one has the best ideas.

Yesterday evening I attended a political event here in Tucson. I have debated revealing any details of the politician, but have decided that I will because he is such a good example of a better way of sorting out confrontational planetary patterns and reaching across the planetary aisle for an honest agreement between disagreeing parties.

Dr. Richard Carmona, Surgeon General of the United States under Republican President George W. Bush, is running for Senate in the State of Arizona as a Democrat. Dr. Carmona has a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Virgo, now impacted by the square from Jupiter and direct transit from the Sun. Just to show you his conjunction works, after 9/11 he took input from the medical community, largely from doctors at a trauma center he developed in Arizona, to organize the shipping and disbursement of emergency medication in the event of a national emergency - a system which previously did not exist.

So last evening in his pitch to Democrats and a fair number of undecided voters, he talked about the transit in place, without talking about the transit in place. Of course he wants to be elected, but in doing so, he will not make promises he cannot keep, nor declare unrealistic objectives. He declared his positions on many hot button topics, committing to working on those issues by finding others who agree, and those who do not, but can agree to cooperation and intelligent legislation once the real denominator of the hot issues surface, free of talking points. He noted that you cannot just win an election with platforms that lack thought and fail to fulfill specific needs of the people one represents. No politician is going to go to any capital and single-handedly turn over silly legislation, repressive policies or suppressive strategies with a single blow, one hand tied behind their back. It’ll take a majority.

First common ground must be established. Clear objectives must be defined. Cooperation must be sought between disagreeing parties based upon intelligent discourse, and with the use of universally guided facts presented in a respectful manner. Then, steps forward can be taken... just like Jupiter and the Sun are doing right now... or at least pointing out right now.

In the skies above the Sun in Virgo talks like he’s got the issues nailed. The facts are sorted, conclusions drawn and the finger is on the trigger of the action button. Jupiter, now slowing down to pivot and retrograde, inserts a dramatic leisurely yawn over the Sun’s discourse, then asks, “Have you looked at it from this point of view?”

The stunned Sun retorts, “Why would I do that?”

Jupiter replies, “I don’t know. I read something different somewhere.”

The Sun shoots back, “Where? Wikipedia? Are you forgetting that you orbit me?”

“Yeah,” retorts Jupiter, “I have more moons orbiting me than you have planets.”

“Oh yeah?” says the Sun. “I got far more stuff orbiting me than you do, especially if you consider the asteroids and Kuiper Belt.”

“No one considers that,” Jupiter observes. “It’s debris. You want to count debris?”

“It’s not debris,” protests the Sun. “I have terrestrial planets, gaseous planets, dwarf planets and protoplanets.”

“Dwarf planets don’t count,” says Jupiter, clipping a hang nail away from his red spot, “Nor do protoplanets. No astronomer counts them as planets really. That’s delusional.”

“They should,” argues the Sun. “Astrologers count them.”

“Some astrologers count them.” Jupiter yawns again. “There are less astrologers that use them than you have terrestrial planets.”

Sound familiar? Whether the argument appears from the editorial voice in your head arguing with your creative spirit, the action side of you in debate with your “I’m not sure if I can side,” or supportive friends and family smashing your latest idea for a great business that might save the world, the contention is out there. And Jupiter and the Sun might just be in cahoots watching earthlings act it out as they laugh their celestial butts off.

Here’s what you can do:

State the purpose of your intended action, philosophical development, creative project.
Detail all facts about its development including cost factors, time lines and buckets of blood, sweat and tears required (while anticipating no unnecessary adversity).

Communicate your objectives clearly and in bite-size sentences.
Ask if there are any questions. Answer questions succinctly and free of defensiveness.
Ask for a show of hands as to who wants to be onboard. Shake those hands and get going.
As you get going, allow for new insights, facts and universal magic to continue shaping your objectives.

Reach across the aisle of your psyche, make friends, play nice and get on with the getting.

Oh yeah, a reading might be a good idea. Book now. Buy stuff, too. Reports are nice. The Galactic Trilogy is awesome.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Have A Choice

You have a choice about how you handle daily life. You can buy clothes made in another country, or you can make them. They will fit better, look better and last longer. You can use your dryer for your sheets, or you can hang them on the line in the Sun, especially cotton. Your sheets smell wonderful, they feel wonderful, and they last longer. The Sun will kill any remaining bacteria, and you will save energy. After washing towels in the washing machine, my neighbor hangs the damp towels on her deck in the sun. Just smelling those sun kissed towels is heavenly.

Until the last week of September, the Sun will be in Virgo. Daily life is connected with Virgo. Virgo wants perfection, and Virgo will cause you to expend incredible energy to improve your life. If you don’t do something to better your daily existence, you will start to notice your imperfections and feel guilty or uncomfortable. To satisfy this craving, and your Virgo nature, start making better choices. This may mean eating something healthy for breakfast, getting a better night’s sleep, taking more walks, taking a course, or hanging your sheets on the line. You can spend less time watching TV, and spend time outside caring for your vegetables; being tired is not an excuse to get off the couch. If you spend time outside or even moving around, you will have a renewal of energy and feel better. The bottom line - make better choices.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Head Case

What is happening in Texas? Tom Head, a judge from Texas, Lubbock County, is declaring there will be a civil war in Texas, so they need to raise taxes.  He wants to buy military gear for the civil war. Will Texans vote to raise taxes because he is trying to scare the ### out of them?

What is his story? Is he a friend of Todd Akin? Did they go to the same school? It sounds like a Meth outbreak, or maybe they are smoking wacky tobacky together.

Texas is a nice place. It must be embarrassing to live there right now. Most Texans are educated and helpful.

Is there something in the water? Are they eating the rubber eggs?

Say a prayer that Texans will not be infected by this wackiness. I don’t think it is catching.

And what is happening to the Republican Party? First, it was Todd Akin, who is running for the senate. He did not know how women get pregnant. Now it is Tom Head.

For you astrologers, no, Mercury is not retrograde, but Neptune is in an opposition with the Sun. This makes people say things they don't mean, makes them misunderstood, or reveal characteristics they don't want people to see, or reveals that they are inept, or on drugs, or alcohol. Hidden secrets, such as affairs, are revealed.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Todd Akin – Don’t Get Pregnant!

A controversy erupted after Todd Akins, a candidate for the senate race in Missouri, USA, told a television interviewer that a woman's body is capable of preventing pregnancy in cases of "legitimate rape."  He said, "if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.".

He later apologized, explaining he meant to say "forcible rape". Forcible rape??

The abortion and "legitimate" rape issue are being addressed by politicians and media alike.What I want to know is how a woman can avoid pregnancy during sex and shut it down, other than contraceptives. He must know a big secret about preventing pregnancy. Does Akin assume all women are on the pill? Is he saying that abortion will happen naturally if a woman is raped?

Are women supposed to sing a religious song, pray to God, or chant out "no, no, no, I won't get pregnant? Is there a special move that modern women don't know? Did he read a medical report about Native American women? Supposedly, Native American women had the ability to prevent pregnancy. Does Todd Akin know Native Americans and is keeping it secret?

He said he read some kind of report about prevention. Does he know that little about women? Did he flunk high school biology? Maybe he feel asleep during class. Is he stupid? What is his IQ? Has he been hitting the bottle? Is he from another planet? Maybe they do things differently on that planet. Are we getting another politician who doesn't know what is going on in the world? (Hint, think of a recent female politician, who is probably smarter than Akin, and is good looking.) Do you want someone with such a lack of smarts to represent you? Maybe he can just put up his feet, drink a beer, and let his underlings do the work.

He should put through a bill that will support the mother while bearing and raising the child, as well as support the child after birth, and pay for college. And let the financial burden come out of Todd Akins’s pocket, as well as the fathers, if he can be found. Todd Akin, put your money where your mouth is.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From Rubber Chicken to Rubber Eggs

Politicians in the United States are getting back at us for making them eat all that rubber chicken at fundraisers. They are making us eat rubber eggs.

Foods currently approved for irradiation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration include meat and poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables, juices, herbs, spices and flour. Does that leave anything out?

When the eggs are cooked, the white part turns into a sponge.

Make friends with a neighbor who has fresh, organic, eggs from free-range chickens. That means they eat bugs, which nature intended them to do. If you are not able to get fresh eggs, don't bother eating them, they taste and feel horrible.

Warning to anyone visiting the United States, especially if you are from France, our eggs are terrible. If they have a good taste, they have been treated with something that's probably worse than irradiating eggs. says that the effects of irradiation are still unknown. Irradiation alters molecular structure and creates toxic chemicals that create carcinogens. 

We will slowly kill millions to save a few lives. Actually, the bottom line is financial, not saving lives. The regulators can allow dirty farms, and fewer people will sue the big agribusinesses. It saves them money, and saves the insurance companies money. The lawyers lose out, and so do we. We can’t prove that irradiated food caused the cancer that may kill us. We won't have any money to sue anyway since the cancer will wipe out our bank accounts.

We had better learn how to be like plants and get our nourishment from the sun. Since the food crops are dying out anyway, maybe it is time. We should all grow our own food, although if a GMO seed wanders into our yards, the seed companies will sue us.

It’s a Mad, Mad, world

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan - It's Chicklet Time

Mitt Romney has announced his running mate in the US presidential election -Paul Ryan. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Republican Party is finally starting to use image for success. It's hard to believe it took them so long to figure this out with all the money they have, of which they spend a large amount on marketing experts.

Image has become so predominant in our society, that it is often more important than knowledge or expertise. Look at what happened when Gabby Douglas won a gold medal in London this summer at the 2012 Olympics. The focus was her hair, it was too curly; it should have been straightened; it looked greasy; she should lighten it like Beyonce. Winning a gold medal was not as important as her hair. This doesn't say much for the media, or for the masses. Although, most comments on web sites are fakes.

If you look at the photo of Paul Ryan next to Mitt Romney, he makes Mitt look old and tired. They should keep these men separated. In one photo, it looked as if Mitt was missing teeth. In a country that obsesses on gleaming, white chiclet teeth, this is a mistake. 

In photos of Mitt Romney, they show him in jeans and shirts, sleeves rolled up, collar loosened. His handlers may use this image to appeal to the people, but all this does is make him look like he needs a shower, a shine, and an iron. And he shouldn’t roll the sleeves up so far; (many people have commented that his arms are not his best feature). Maybe he has a problem with heat. At least, they have moved most of the older, larger, members of the party to the background in photo ops

Please dress Mitt Romney differently, after all, he is running for president.  In many photos, Paul Ryan is also without tie. Mmmmm, what is going on, casual appeal to the working class?

Paul Ryan fits the image to which most Americans aspire. He is trim and tall, with wide shoulders, a good head of hair, and a good jaw line, no jowls. His ears stick out a little, but so do Obama’s ears. His mouth is small, and he often has a tight smile, but this does not detract from his appearance. A soft full mouth is not as important for men as it is for women. As the months go by, he will be taught to smile with his eyes more often, and show his teeth, which are not the phony, brilliant white, glow in the dark, the "I've had cosmetic whiteners" look.

You may think that all this will only appeal to younger voters, but older voters are influenced by looks as well. Older women (the grandmother type) have been heard saying,” such a nice looking young man". They don’t say such a smart, wise, or compassionate man, just nice looking, or they mention that he has a good job. The US has become ab image driven, youth obsessing, culture. Sadly, this is happening all over the world.

Paul Ryan is only 42, but he has many years of experience in public office, and he is Chairperson of the House Budget Committee, which is very important in these troubled economic times. He is also a co-founder of the Young Guns Program. He also has a look that should satisfy other cultures. He definitely does not look overfed, which is one of the things the Middle East uses against Americans.

He has a very nice looking family with the perquisite 2+ kids, one girl, and two boys.

This campaign is already taking its toll on Ryan. If you look at photo close ups, his eyes are tired and red.

If he doesn't make it on this ticket, we will surely see him again in 2016.

It may be an odd coincidence, but since my article on Eric Cantor, he has disappeared from public view.

 We are not a shallow civilization, are we?

At the turn of the 20th century, Alice Bailey wrote a book about glamour becoming a world problem. Her books are a slow read, but worth it.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Rice Paddies and Cow Farts

 I am not going to say that man has caused the recent heat wave, but man has to be blamed for contributing to weather changes. 
Methane is the second biggest cause of an increase in heat. Rice paddies contribute 20% of worldwide methane. It is said that the biggest contributors in the Unites States are cows and the gas they give off. Yikes!
The Chinese along with American researches are investigating a way to decrease rice paddy methane to nothing. It may be as simple as changing farming methods, which will improve the rice harvest.
The Sun, the bringer of heat, has just completed a sextile with Jupiter and will be making a trine with Saturn on August 17, 2012, which I have heard some mystics say will be a big day. We will see.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Heat Wave

The last time there was a heat wave in the United States as severe as this summer (2012) was in the 1930's, the Dust Bowl years. Science is debating the cause, global warming versus a natural phenomenon.

There is a difference between using technology to measure climate data and actually being there. As climatologists state, clouds play an important part in weather. You can measure, and measure, and measure, but if you leave the human component out, you will only get a partial picture. Talk to older people, they will tell you that the skies are different. They will talk about the bygone days of beautiful skies with fluffy white clouds that were seen all over the sky. They will talk about the soft light even on a sunny day. Now it is bright blues skies with few clouds, and it has been that way for several years.

We have to combine weather patterns and  with human actions. If we examine past droughts, heat waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, and monsoons, and then add human conditions, would we read those disasters in the same way? Would past disasters have been more severe? Man has created billions of reflective surfaces, and chopped down many forests that absorb C02. Man has filled the air with C02 from manufacturing and transportation, and man has filled the oceans, and the world with junk, which affects wildlife and the ecosystem. All these things have to be taken into account, along with atmospheric and space conditions.

 We must look for solutions instead of spending money and time on arguments over cause.

Air conditioners and elevators that do not work are not good for business and the economy. Crops that fail bring problems, especially when we have not saved seven years of grain, as was done in the ancient past.

In destroying many parts of our planet, will we be held captive and destroyed by climate change and pollution? If the fishing grounds outside Somalia were not destroyed by other countries, Somalia may not have resorted to piracy and found it to be more profitable, and economically disastrous for the rest of the world.

The dust bowl had a man-made destructive component, as well as a climatic component, so the blame is not entirely on a cycle of nature.

In the 1930's and 1940's the aspects were extremely difficult, as they are now. Uranus and Pluto were in a malefic aspect then, and they are in a malefic aspect now, (a square). We have several more years of this challenging square aspect; this aspect will not complete until 2017. We have a choice, we can complain about the challenges, or we can try to find solutions globally and personally.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

It's Back

It took some searching, but I finally found my old template. I hope you don't miss the orange that came with the Google template. It was kind of nice, but it was hard to manipulate the code in the new template. 

Mercury which is still retrograde made me work for it - review and redo.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buy! No, Don't Buy! Yes, Buy!

The latest news is saying that the slow economic recovery is your fault!

We aren't spending enough. But on the other hand, we are criticized often for conspicuous consumption.

We spent enough in the past. How many homes, garages, or basements do you know of that are not cluttered? Should we clear out the clutter, never to over-consume again? Uh, oh, won't that affect manufacturing and jobs?

So now we need to spend more. But where is that money going to come from? Will it come from the unemployed, or the people still paying student loans who cannot find a job that pays enough to cover all the costs? And since the standard of living is rising in China, aren't goods going to get more expensive?

If we do buy more stuff, where will we put it? We can spend more money on construction to expand our storage space.

We are told to save our money, and then we are told to spend it. Don't forget to save for retirement.

Are you confused yet?

Can you tell that Mercury is still retrograde?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Planets in Therapy

The book Planets in Therapy, by Greg Bogart, is a great book. Many astrology books are called “cookbooks”, giving you only "recipes" for planets, signs, and aspects. But this is a book about processes, as well as information on prediction, analysis, with a little cookbook type information. Everything has been included that anyone could possibly need to do a good consultation or learn more about astrology. This book is informative, and yet, it is easy to understand. Reading this book is like reading an entrancing story. It is not a dry tome. I have been a professional astrologer for years and I found things in this book that will improve my work, as well as my own life. 

There are excellent discussions on signs, planets, houses, aspects, transits, progressions and even solar arcs, and there is a good chapter on predictions. Included are stories of how planetary events affect real people. He explains what they are and how to use them. There is an easy to understand chapter on Dane Rudhyar and his writings, including Rudhyar’s Lunation Cycle. I especially like this section since Rudhyar’s writings are often obscure and hard to understand. 

He emphasizes the importance of engaging a client in the session and encouraging give and take. I have been doing this for years, even though I was trained in the old “meat and potatoes” way. The therapeutic way is the best way to balance out astrology. Many psychologists are quietly using astrology in therapy with incredible success. The information in this book will help you become a therapeutic astrologer. Being able to predict events is wonderful, but you don't want you, your friends, or your clients to go home wondering, "now what I do with this information about my life; what do I do when the event happens?" This book solves that problem.

Throughout the book, there are many examples of meditation, cognitive therapy, and specific exercises to help you work with the birth chart and upcoming transits. So whether you are working with other people or your own chart, you will have the knowledge and tools to get more out of life. 

Few books go into such detail on how to process the information given by the birth chart. The birth chart is a blueprint of your life. By using the methods in this book, you will learn ways to become the architect of your life, building and molding events to help you evolve and create a better life. 

This is a must-have book if you want to help yourself and others. You do not have to be an astrologer to enjoy this book. Planets in Therapy is definitely on my bookshelf 
 and will be well used.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eric Cantor - Good Moves

I have included links to photos in this article. If I post the photos, I am in violation of copyright laws. Sorry you have to leave the page to see the photos. If possible open another window with my blog, and then click on the photos.

I know looks are not everything but the Republicans are getting smart, they are using nice looking men to get their point across, and it's about time.

Study this photo of Eric Cantor U.S House Majority Leader

Everyone in this photo is trim, with a good head of hair, attractive ears that don't stick out, and nice jaws. Although I notice the man on the right with the gorgeous hair has a dent in his ear.. Maybe it's from a stud or an ear bud? But that's all right; after all, the Republicans have been criticized for being good old boys or country club stodgy for too long.

Whoever directed this photo shoot took advantage of camera angles. The photo of Eric Cantor was taken from below which makes him look taller and uses his good left side. (See, there is hope for us when we get our picture taken, all we have to do is adjust the angle. I find my angle is better from above). This angle emphasizes his good bone structure and nice jaw, (no jowls). I have noticed this camera angle is used often when Eric Cantor's photo is taken.

Young people are tired of images of older men like Newt and Rush, and older people don't want to be reminded of what they look like. We are a youth cult.

It would be nice to see a little muscle; people love good biceps and these guys look like they use the gym. If they don't, I want to know their secret.

Maybe they could do an interview after jogging, or at least a more relaxed photo in colorful shorts and short sleeve shirts on the Washington promenade, or near the Lincoln (a Republican) Memorial. Dark suits are somewhat gloomy, and we certainly have had enough gloom. Young voters are casual. They are not impressed with pictures of guys who have climbed the corporate or political ladder - as least they don't care yet.

Obama took advantage of a trim athletic body, a nice smile, family values and positive attitudes to boost his image and it worked. This image helped put him in office.

Bobby Jindal was photographed often when Obama got into office. The Republicans wanted to show that they are not a WASP culture. Jindal has a beautiful rich skin color and his ancestry is eastern, (India I believe).

I don't think the Bobby Jindal thing did that much to improve the Republican image. Politicians used to hold babies to boost their ratings, but this does not work any more, especially with overpopulation.

I know John Boehner is often called on to speak, but his tan is a little overwhelming. This time they have him in the back.

Did you know that the Whigs are considered the start of the Republican Party? It was formed to champion the rights of slaves and promote higher education.

This is a link to a frontal view of Eric Cantor; notice that his face is thinner and longer.

Compare his photo to the photo of Abraham Lincoln (another Republican) on Wikipedia. Reincarnation?

This is an example of Mercury of commerce, conversation, and politicians sextile Venus of beauty.

Reagan used the Void of Course Moon to get what he wanted; and it worked like a charm.

Politicians should pay more attention to astrology.

Friday, July 06, 2012


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Thursday, July 05, 2012

2012 Doomsday or Delight?

Another event many doomsdayers are using to support the theory that Dec 21, 2012 will bring dramatic change is the conjunction of the Sun with the Galactic Center.  Sorry, this is not an unusual event, the Sun conjuncts the Galactic Center every year as it leaves Sagittarius on December 21 at winter solstice.

I put more faith in the Transit of Venus this summer than all the ravings about the Mayan Calendar causing a major change on our planet. Venus brings just as many good things as it brings difficulties, even though the Mayans equated Venus with war.

On December 21st, the Mayan Calendar starts over, it does not predict the end of the world. If anything happens on that date, it is not due to the Mayan Calendar. Although, if a billion, or even a million, people meditate on 12/21/12 who knows what good will come out of that meditation. It never hurts to think good thoughts, pray good prayers, wish for peace, or envision a happier future for the planet.

Monday, July 02, 2012

The Mayan Calendar and the 26,000 Year Cycle

There is a misconception about the Mayan Calendar that has to do with its 26,000 year cycle.
The 26,000 year cycle is not the revolution of the sun around the galaxy. That revolution takes millions of years, (about 240 million). The 26,000 year cycle has to do with the wobble of the Earth, which causes the Precession of the Equinoxes. .
By the way, the Mayan calendar is doing a reset; it's only the end of an old cycle and the start of a new cycle. The world is not coming to an end; it is the start of a transformation, and the 26,000 year cycle gives this change a lot of support.
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