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Thursday, August 30, 2012

You Have A Choice

You have a choice about how you handle daily life. You can buy clothes made in another country, or you can make them. They will fit better, look better and last longer. You can use your dryer for your sheets, or you can hang them on the line in the Sun, especially cotton. Your sheets smell wonderful, they feel wonderful, and they last longer. The Sun will kill any remaining bacteria, and you will save energy. After washing towels in the washing machine, my neighbor hangs the damp towels on her deck in the sun. Just smelling those sun kissed towels is heavenly.

Until the last week of September, the Sun will be in Virgo. Daily life is connected with Virgo. Virgo wants perfection, and Virgo will cause you to expend incredible energy to improve your life. If you don’t do something to better your daily existence, you will start to notice your imperfections and feel guilty or uncomfortable. To satisfy this craving, and your Virgo nature, start making better choices. This may mean eating something healthy for breakfast, getting a better night’s sleep, taking more walks, taking a course, or hanging your sheets on the line. You can spend less time watching TV, and spend time outside caring for your vegetables; being tired is not an excuse to get off the couch. If you spend time outside or even moving around, you will have a renewal of energy and feel better. The bottom line - make better choices.


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