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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Buy! No, Don't Buy! Yes, Buy!

The latest news is saying that the slow economic recovery is your fault!

We aren't spending enough. But on the other hand, we are criticized often for conspicuous consumption.

We spent enough in the past. How many homes, garages, or basements do you know of that are not cluttered? Should we clear out the clutter, never to over-consume again? Uh, oh, won't that affect manufacturing and jobs?

So now we need to spend more. But where is that money going to come from? Will it come from the unemployed, or the people still paying student loans who cannot find a job that pays enough to cover all the costs? And since the standard of living is rising in China, aren't goods going to get more expensive?

If we do buy more stuff, where will we put it? We can spend more money on construction to expand our storage space.

We are told to save our money, and then we are told to spend it. Don't forget to save for retirement.

Are you confused yet?

Can you tell that Mercury is still retrograde?


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