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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan - It's Chicklet Time

Mitt Romney has announced his running mate in the US presidential election -Paul Ryan. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Republican Party is finally starting to use image for success. It's hard to believe it took them so long to figure this out with all the money they have, of which they spend a large amount on marketing experts.

Image has become so predominant in our society, that it is often more important than knowledge or expertise. Look at what happened when Gabby Douglas won a gold medal in London this summer at the 2012 Olympics. The focus was her hair, it was too curly; it should have been straightened; it looked greasy; she should lighten it like Beyonce. Winning a gold medal was not as important as her hair. This doesn't say much for the media, or for the masses. Although, most comments on web sites are fakes.

If you look at the photo of Paul Ryan next to Mitt Romney, he makes Mitt look old and tired. They should keep these men separated. In one photo, it looked as if Mitt was missing teeth. In a country that obsesses on gleaming, white chiclet teeth, this is a mistake. 

In photos of Mitt Romney, they show him in jeans and shirts, sleeves rolled up, collar loosened. His handlers may use this image to appeal to the people, but all this does is make him look like he needs a shower, a shine, and an iron. And he shouldn’t roll the sleeves up so far; (many people have commented that his arms are not his best feature). Maybe he has a problem with heat. At least, they have moved most of the older, larger, members of the party to the background in photo ops

Please dress Mitt Romney differently, after all, he is running for president.  In many photos, Paul Ryan is also without tie. Mmmmm, what is going on, casual appeal to the working class?

Paul Ryan fits the image to which most Americans aspire. He is trim and tall, with wide shoulders, a good head of hair, and a good jaw line, no jowls. His ears stick out a little, but so do Obama’s ears. His mouth is small, and he often has a tight smile, but this does not detract from his appearance. A soft full mouth is not as important for men as it is for women. As the months go by, he will be taught to smile with his eyes more often, and show his teeth, which are not the phony, brilliant white, glow in the dark, the "I've had cosmetic whiteners" look.

You may think that all this will only appeal to younger voters, but older voters are influenced by looks as well. Older women (the grandmother type) have been heard saying,” such a nice looking young man". They don’t say such a smart, wise, or compassionate man, just nice looking, or they mention that he has a good job. The US has become ab image driven, youth obsessing, culture. Sadly, this is happening all over the world.

Paul Ryan is only 42, but he has many years of experience in public office, and he is Chairperson of the House Budget Committee, which is very important in these troubled economic times. He is also a co-founder of the Young Guns Program. He also has a look that should satisfy other cultures. He definitely does not look overfed, which is one of the things the Middle East uses against Americans.

He has a very nice looking family with the perquisite 2+ kids, one girl, and two boys.

This campaign is already taking its toll on Ryan. If you look at photo close ups, his eyes are tired and red.

If he doesn't make it on this ticket, we will surely see him again in 2016.

It may be an odd coincidence, but since my article on Eric Cantor, he has disappeared from public view.

 We are not a shallow civilization, are we?

At the turn of the 20th century, Alice Bailey wrote a book about glamour becoming a world problem. Her books are a slow read, but worth it.


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