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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Disappearing Coastlines, a Cayce Prediction

Edgar Cayce predicted that our coastlines would change. I don’t remember if he gave an exact date, but he said it would happen during our time. Most people believe that his prediction was wrong and that nothing happened, but Cayce was right. Because we were too focused on the idea that planetary changes would start with earthquakes and that any changes would be sudden and dramatic, we missed what was actually happening.

Our planet started warming up many years ago at about the time Cayce predicted the changes would start. Most people thought the rise in temperature was only an anomaly.  And since the rise in temperature was gradual, it was missed. In the Northeast, up until the late 70's one or two heat waves occurred in August. Now the heat waves start in June and continue until September and sometimes October.

 Scientists are now able to measure the changes; the changes that are leading to such things as Global Warming that started in the 80’s or maybe even in the 70’s. Scientists have determined rise in ocean levels will cause our coastlines to recede, and affect our weather, bringing floods, fires, drought, extremes of weather, and unusual events such as the tornadoes that appear frequently in places such as Florida, where until recently a tornado was rare.

Glacial melting has been evaluated. It is now predicted that the increase of water in the oceans and the extremes of climate, will cause our coastlines to recede. It is not expected to be critical for another 100 or more years. Temporary measures will hold back the water and replace the sand, but this is only temporary. The cost will be prohibitive and those living far from the coast will not want to pay for these fleeting, expensive, and often useless measures.  Insurance companies will not pay for the losses or damage to property, and the cost of insurance will skyrocket.

Most scientists say the changes will soon be irreversible; it is too late to reverse most of the damage. The serious damage will not occur for several hundred years. Who knows, by that time maybe technology will save us.

Many assumed the changes will be due to earthquakes, and maybe this will eventually be true. It sounds like they myth of Atlantis all over again.

Several years ago it was predicted that the planet would get colder, but that also was only a myth. There was no scientific evidence to support that idea. 

This does not mean that you should panic; it does mean that you should be realistic and plan carefully. Don't burden yourself with excessive debt to purchase that place on the coastal waterway. It will be wiser to just vacation in that wonderful seaside spot. Learn to be flexible and live simply. Considering the current doubts about the health of commercial food and its availability, learn to garden and put up your own food, especially learn how to ferment your food. Many cities have land that is available for gardening.

Do not depend on our communication and transportation systems alone, even if it means raising a carrier pigeon, beating on a drum, or becoming telepathic. We are resilient, and we will find ways to survive and build a better future.


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