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Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Head Case

What is happening in Texas? Tom Head, a judge from Texas, Lubbock County, is declaring there will be a civil war in Texas, so they need to raise taxes.  He wants to buy military gear for the civil war. Will Texans vote to raise taxes because he is trying to scare the ### out of them?

What is his story? Is he a friend of Todd Akin? Did they go to the same school? It sounds like a Meth outbreak, or maybe they are smoking wacky tobacky together.

Texas is a nice place. It must be embarrassing to live there right now. Most Texans are educated and helpful.

Is there something in the water? Are they eating the rubber eggs?

Say a prayer that Texans will not be infected by this wackiness. I don’t think it is catching.

And what is happening to the Republican Party? First, it was Todd Akin, who is running for the senate. He did not know how women get pregnant. Now it is Tom Head.

For you astrologers, no, Mercury is not retrograde, but Neptune is in an opposition with the Sun. This makes people say things they don't mean, makes them misunderstood, or reveal characteristics they don't want people to see, or reveals that they are inept, or on drugs, or alcohol. Hidden secrets, such as affairs, are revealed.


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