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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Across the Planetary Aisle by Philip Sedgwick

An article by Philip Sedgwick a great astrologer

During the past few days, Jupiter aligned with the immensely powerful Great Attractor through an opposition. For all intents and purposes, he’s still there, and will be through his station in one month, and continuing through the middle of November.

In the next couple days, the Sun, from his position of discernment in Virgo, comes up to square Jupiter.

The Sun and Jupiter are the most massive two bodies in our solar system, and both now occupy mentally-based, idea-driven signs.

The Great Attractor, which Jupiter now opposes, emanates energy in all electromagnetic frequencies, excluding none. As well, the gravity of the Great Attractor is so intense that it bends light completely around it, allowing for a look at what might be hidden in a hand behind the back. Not a great time for magicians... or politicians.

I find it ironically perfect that this year, the Jupiter to the Great Attractor aspect became exact in between the two major political conventions in the United States - I’m sure similar things are playing out on news networks that do not broadcast in this country. It’s time for ideas that work, without the nonsense of spin, special interests and sleight of hand. Since Jupiter is the planet of fortune, he might say, “Good luck with that set of aspirations.”

Still, Mars recently passed the degree of the immense, gravitationally significant, consciousness warping (in a good way) Shapley 8 galactic cluster and Saturn will be there a fortnight after Jupiter’s upcoming station. And with the recent enormous blast of solar energy on Earth, the titillation in the air points toward saving the world through the application of newly acquired insight, innovation, brilliance and the seeds of understanding that endorses a consciousness that supports cooperation. This at a time when the two big guys in the solar system are most inclined to argue about which one has the best ideas.

Yesterday evening I attended a political event here in Tucson. I have debated revealing any details of the politician, but have decided that I will because he is such a good example of a better way of sorting out confrontational planetary patterns and reaching across the planetary aisle for an honest agreement between disagreeing parties.

Dr. Richard Carmona, Surgeon General of the United States under Republican President George W. Bush, is running for Senate in the State of Arizona as a Democrat. Dr. Carmona has a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Virgo, now impacted by the square from Jupiter and direct transit from the Sun. Just to show you his conjunction works, after 9/11 he took input from the medical community, largely from doctors at a trauma center he developed in Arizona, to organize the shipping and disbursement of emergency medication in the event of a national emergency - a system which previously did not exist.

So last evening in his pitch to Democrats and a fair number of undecided voters, he talked about the transit in place, without talking about the transit in place. Of course he wants to be elected, but in doing so, he will not make promises he cannot keep, nor declare unrealistic objectives. He declared his positions on many hot button topics, committing to working on those issues by finding others who agree, and those who do not, but can agree to cooperation and intelligent legislation once the real denominator of the hot issues surface, free of talking points. He noted that you cannot just win an election with platforms that lack thought and fail to fulfill specific needs of the people one represents. No politician is going to go to any capital and single-handedly turn over silly legislation, repressive policies or suppressive strategies with a single blow, one hand tied behind their back. It’ll take a majority.

First common ground must be established. Clear objectives must be defined. Cooperation must be sought between disagreeing parties based upon intelligent discourse, and with the use of universally guided facts presented in a respectful manner. Then, steps forward can be taken... just like Jupiter and the Sun are doing right now... or at least pointing out right now.

In the skies above the Sun in Virgo talks like he’s got the issues nailed. The facts are sorted, conclusions drawn and the finger is on the trigger of the action button. Jupiter, now slowing down to pivot and retrograde, inserts a dramatic leisurely yawn over the Sun’s discourse, then asks, “Have you looked at it from this point of view?”

The stunned Sun retorts, “Why would I do that?”

Jupiter replies, “I don’t know. I read something different somewhere.”

The Sun shoots back, “Where? Wikipedia? Are you forgetting that you orbit me?”

“Yeah,” retorts Jupiter, “I have more moons orbiting me than you have planets.”

“Oh yeah?” says the Sun. “I got far more stuff orbiting me than you do, especially if you consider the asteroids and Kuiper Belt.”

“No one considers that,” Jupiter observes. “It’s debris. You want to count debris?”

“It’s not debris,” protests the Sun. “I have terrestrial planets, gaseous planets, dwarf planets and protoplanets.”

“Dwarf planets don’t count,” says Jupiter, clipping a hang nail away from his red spot, “Nor do protoplanets. No astronomer counts them as planets really. That’s delusional.”

“They should,” argues the Sun. “Astrologers count them.”

“Some astrologers count them.” Jupiter yawns again. “There are less astrologers that use them than you have terrestrial planets.”

Sound familiar? Whether the argument appears from the editorial voice in your head arguing with your creative spirit, the action side of you in debate with your “I’m not sure if I can side,” or supportive friends and family smashing your latest idea for a great business that might save the world, the contention is out there. And Jupiter and the Sun might just be in cahoots watching earthlings act it out as they laugh their celestial butts off.

Here’s what you can do:

State the purpose of your intended action, philosophical development, creative project.
Detail all facts about its development including cost factors, time lines and buckets of blood, sweat and tears required (while anticipating no unnecessary adversity).

Communicate your objectives clearly and in bite-size sentences.
Ask if there are any questions. Answer questions succinctly and free of defensiveness.
Ask for a show of hands as to who wants to be onboard. Shake those hands and get going.
As you get going, allow for new insights, facts and universal magic to continue shaping your objectives.

Reach across the aisle of your psyche, make friends, play nice and get on with the getting.

Oh yeah, a reading might be a good idea. Book now. Buy stuff, too. Reports are nice. The Galactic Trilogy is awesome.

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