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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Eric Cantor - Good Moves

I have included links to photos in this article. If I post the photos, I am in violation of copyright laws. Sorry you have to leave the page to see the photos. If possible open another window with my blog, and then click on the photos.

I know looks are not everything but the Republicans are getting smart, they are using nice looking men to get their point across, and it's about time.

Study this photo of Eric Cantor U.S House Majority Leader

Everyone in this photo is trim, with a good head of hair, attractive ears that don't stick out, and nice jaws. Although I notice the man on the right with the gorgeous hair has a dent in his ear.. Maybe it's from a stud or an ear bud? But that's all right; after all, the Republicans have been criticized for being good old boys or country club stodgy for too long.

Whoever directed this photo shoot took advantage of camera angles. The photo of Eric Cantor was taken from below which makes him look taller and uses his good left side. (See, there is hope for us when we get our picture taken, all we have to do is adjust the angle. I find my angle is better from above). This angle emphasizes his good bone structure and nice jaw, (no jowls). I have noticed this camera angle is used often when Eric Cantor's photo is taken.

Young people are tired of images of older men like Newt and Rush, and older people don't want to be reminded of what they look like. We are a youth cult.

It would be nice to see a little muscle; people love good biceps and these guys look like they use the gym. If they don't, I want to know their secret.

Maybe they could do an interview after jogging, or at least a more relaxed photo in colorful shorts and short sleeve shirts on the Washington promenade, or near the Lincoln (a Republican) Memorial. Dark suits are somewhat gloomy, and we certainly have had enough gloom. Young voters are casual. They are not impressed with pictures of guys who have climbed the corporate or political ladder - as least they don't care yet.

Obama took advantage of a trim athletic body, a nice smile, family values and positive attitudes to boost his image and it worked. This image helped put him in office.

Bobby Jindal was photographed often when Obama got into office. The Republicans wanted to show that they are not a WASP culture. Jindal has a beautiful rich skin color and his ancestry is eastern, (India I believe).

I don't think the Bobby Jindal thing did that much to improve the Republican image. Politicians used to hold babies to boost their ratings, but this does not work any more, especially with overpopulation.

I know John Boehner is often called on to speak, but his tan is a little overwhelming. This time they have him in the back.

Did you know that the Whigs are considered the start of the Republican Party? It was formed to champion the rights of slaves and promote higher education.

This is a link to a frontal view of Eric Cantor; notice that his face is thinner and longer.

Compare his photo to the photo of Abraham Lincoln (another Republican) on Wikipedia. Reincarnation?

This is an example of Mercury of commerce, conversation, and politicians sextile Venus of beauty.

Reagan used the Void of Course Moon to get what he wanted; and it worked like a charm.

Politicians should pay more attention to astrology.


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