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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

From Rubber Chicken to Rubber Eggs

Politicians in the United States are getting back at us for making them eat all that rubber chicken at fundraisers. They are making us eat rubber eggs.

Foods currently approved for irradiation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration include meat and poultry, eggs, fruits and vegetables, juices, herbs, spices and flour. Does that leave anything out?

When the eggs are cooked, the white part turns into a sponge.

Make friends with a neighbor who has fresh, organic, eggs from free-range chickens. That means they eat bugs, which nature intended them to do. If you are not able to get fresh eggs, don't bother eating them, they taste and feel horrible.

Warning to anyone visiting the United States, especially if you are from France, our eggs are terrible. If they have a good taste, they have been treated with something that's probably worse than irradiating eggs. says that the effects of irradiation are still unknown. Irradiation alters molecular structure and creates toxic chemicals that create carcinogens. 

We will slowly kill millions to save a few lives. Actually, the bottom line is financial, not saving lives. The regulators can allow dirty farms, and fewer people will sue the big agribusinesses. It saves them money, and saves the insurance companies money. The lawyers lose out, and so do we. We can’t prove that irradiated food caused the cancer that may kill us. We won't have any money to sue anyway since the cancer will wipe out our bank accounts.

We had better learn how to be like plants and get our nourishment from the sun. Since the food crops are dying out anyway, maybe it is time. We should all grow our own food, although if a GMO seed wanders into our yards, the seed companies will sue us.

It’s a Mad, Mad, world


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