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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A Proper Capricorn

Being a proper Capricorn, I want to share some of the things I’ve learned since I had to move out of my home due to a fire. Since we are near the opposition of Saturn to Neptune, this is a good time to review the responsibility and order of Saturn and combine it with the faith of Neptune.

First I want to impress on you that attracting or creating the fire that made me move out of my home was not a necessarily negative or positive attraction. When something is attracted that seems negative, look at it again to see what it is telling you. Everything is an experience that is showing you exactly where you are on your path in life.

I was told that I have good insurance. I know some new age people think that insurance is a negative thing. I believe it is just another thing in life that we choose to do to be part of what is called the consensus reality. What I have paid in insurance over the years is now coming back to me ten-fold. To me insurance is just what is, a way to share my money with others. I think of the people who offer the insurance as those who want to help in a disaster. I’ve never thought of it as something to protect me and keep the boogeyman away, or fending off the fear of disaster and loss. Anyway, in this country if you buy a home, insurance is required.

Eventually our reality will reach a point that help after a disaster will come from many other sources and insurance may be unnecessary. Once the people in our building who did not have insurance got past the initial shock and fear, miracles started happening.

I’ll share what I’ve learned about preparation for a fire. Saturn (lessons and responsiblity) likes to teach about fire (Leo). Actually, you don’t have to do these things if you are able to hold to the faith that the unseen world will help you (Neptune) and that everything is always ok. But not all of us are there yet, nor do we have to be. Don’t pressure yourself to be the perfect New Age person.

Know your exits, have an escape plan (and maybe keep your bag with extra keys by the exit)

Keep records in a safe place, preferably off your property, this includes back up discs.

Make an inventory of everything you own, take pictures, store copies off the property or in a fireproof, waterproof, shatterproof box.

Make sure your insurance is up to date. One of my neighbors said her insurance lapsed three days before the fire and she wasn’t aware of it.

Make sure your loss of use will cover the current rental prices for at least a year

Make sure all the phone numbers you need are accessible. Have you tried to call Verizon lately? Good luck.

If you have medications, keep some extra pills in a little box, or know how to replace them immediately. The fire department in our town made recovery of medications a priority after the fire was out.

Have faith and listen to your intuition. In the months before the fire, I didn’t listen, and I’m spending more time doing paperwork (Saturn is probably admonishing me for not listening to my intuition, which is related to Neptune. It’s ironic how Saturn and Neptune work together.)

I am building a stronger faith than ever, and as I do so, I see wonderful things happening in my life.

One last thought about stuff, it’s hard to explain, but when you lose it there is a feeling of freedom. (Neptune likes being released from the material world of Saturn.)

I’m also surprised at how easily I am adapting to new living conditions, and I have many fixed planets in my chart.

As I wake each day, I look for the wonders.

We live in the form world of Saturn and are reaching for the higher world of Neptune. Do the groundwork (Saturn) and you will be free to connect with faith that the unseen world is always on your side (Neptune).


Blogger Matthew The Astrologer said...

Oh god oh god oh god, I'm so very sorry... but you've been tagged. I've only done this to you because I love your blog. Sorry.

Read the comments on that entry...

PS: I've always loved Capricorns...

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