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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Blogger Tip of the Day

From the Question and Answer Desk

Saturn is going direct today at 5:26 PM EDT. Saturn relates to work and responsibility, and it will reward a job well done. I know many of the people in the blogging community work hard, and some are new to blogging so they have to work even harder. A couple of questions have come up about software glitches; I'm not an expert at computers, but I have had many frustrations with computers and learned things the hard way by trial and error. Hopefully, I will save you some of that frustration by teaching (Saturn) you a new trick.

Also, there is a grand trine forming between Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Blogging is Mercury, (along with Uranus), Jupiter is expansion and success, and reaching out to the world, and as I mentioned Saturn brings rewards for hard work. So let’s tap into the energy of the trine to make things easier. By the way, the square between Jupiter and Uranus, and the opposition between Saturn and Neptune is probably what got us into this in the first place.

Whether you are currently blogging or not, keep this tip in mind.

The foundation (Saturn) of a blog (Mercury) is built on what is called a template. Over time, the template is altered by adding links (Mercury) and other information. The template is based on lines of characters called codes. As most of you know, if you type even one letter or character incorrectly the computer will not do what you want. For this reason, if one dot, slash, or other character is missing or duplicated in the template, the blog will not work correctly, or it may look odd.

Another problem sometimes occurs when adding links.

What to do? Always back up your blog template (not the post, although that is a good idea) before you make any changes. For most blogs, this means going into the editor, highlighting the entire template, and pasting it into something such as notepad. (Be careful that you copy and not cut). Title what you've just copied with the date and save it on your computer. Make the changes to your blog and then do the same thing, copy, paste and save the updated template.

Now you can send your blog out to many local, new, or foreign places (Jupiter).

If you are currently having problems with your blog, you may have to proofread all the codes in the template and find the error.


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