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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stay Strong

I know many of you are wondering what in the world is going on now. I won't go into detail about the current events with the shooting at Virginia Tech, this has been covered astrologically at other sites.

Lynn Hayes has two good articles at Astrodynamics and a dialogue is continuing with contributions from readers, including other astrologers.

We are still under the stress of Jupiter square Uranus, Saturn oppose Neptune, Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center, and the upcoming ingress of Pluto into Capricorn.

Saturn is making a station direct today. Saturn governs fear. The best thing we can all do now is realize that internal fear is sometimes stronger than external events. For several years we have seen media reports about killing, starvation, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other scary events. Each time we come together with love and support, and we are able to move forward. For two days all over the world the coverage has been about these students. Miss these souls, grieve for them, and honor them. At the same time many souls all over the world have made a transition. Each one is to be missed and honored.

Acknowledge your fear and then connect deeply with the desire to move on. Stay strong.


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