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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Getting Ready for Pluto in Capricorn

My Saturn return will soon be over, as challenging as it has been, it has also been rewarding. Each day I wonder what Saturn is bringing. Due to the smoke and water damage in my home, I have learned the value of material possessions that are "used". Saturn protects those things that are deemed necessary. Many of the things that are practical and useful were saved, those things in my life that are whimsy, or unnecessary are gone.

I was surprised that my valuable crystal glassware was saved. I think of crystal as being expendable, and not something Saturn would be concerned about. However it is old and has a Saturnine presence. Saturn does like to impress.

Saturn rules elders. Out of the blue, an opportunity has come into my life to work with people age 55 and older. I have been asked to talk about, and teach, astrology to the elders in my community. I consider this an honor. Even though I am now a senior, I am a baby compared to some of my students. Some of the people in my audience will be on their third Saturn return!

This opportunity also has to do with Pluto going into Capricorn next year. Pluto in Sagittarius (higher learning), recently conjuncted my natal Mercury (sharing information)in my 8th house, (occult knowledge)

Capricorn is associated with Saturn by what is called rulership, an so too Capricorn is related to elders. One of the focuses of Pluto in Capricorn will be the importance of elders, and "Sages" in our community. Luckily for me it will be a good connection.

We are already seeing how Pluto in Capricorn, who likes to reduce and restrict, is cutting down the expansion of Pluto in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is about exploring new vistas, higher education, and expansion, which at times can be overwhelming.

This is my second Saturn return and I like to think of it as entering the wise phase of my life, the phase of the "Sage". I plan to continue blogging, but less frequently for the next several months. All is in perfect order, a condition that makes Saturn happy.

I will start teaching while Pluto is still in Sagittarius, and the people that I will be working with call themselves "The Explorers".


Blogger Neith said...

My father is coming up on his third Saturn Return (6 Virgo) and is doing quite well! Still very active both physically & mentally - as a matter of fact, he's spending this weekend camping out while teaching others about native plants in our area.

I'm also in the process of finishing up a Second Saturn Return. Even though the Saturn part is done, it feels extended due to Saturn squaring my Mars, Mercury & ASC in Scorpio. Best wishes on restoring order to your home! :-)

11:23 AM  
Blogger Anthony said...


I enjoyed your blog - it has a nice measured pace, which Saturn appreciates I'm sure!

Nice to find you on blogger, my partner and I study astrology and we were both reading your blog. Then we realised you both share a first name of Susan!

Take care, and I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

Regards (and happy 2008!)

2:52 AM  

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