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Monday, April 23, 2007

Who is the Leo?

From the Community Desk

On April 28, The Ego and the Oracle will begin their performance at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater in Somerville, MA.

For those of you who attend, I have a puzzle for you. See if you can guess who has the Leo Sun. To make it a little easier, I'll give you a hint, his rising sign is Pisces.

The Sun is our personal, individual, expression, how we shine, how we stand out.

The Sun is not always apparent at first glace. We know it is there, but usually when we first meet someone, we notice the rising sign, (also known as the ascendant).The ascendant has more to do with appearance and apparent personality. Some astrologers call the rising sign, the "mask". The rising sign often masks the real individual, the ego, the Sun.

Leo with Pisces rising

Leo is a gracious, warm sign. Leo likes to uplift everyone, and at the same time likes to be appreciated. Leo loves applause and likes to be in the limelight. Leo is the natural entertainer, and is often found at the front of any performance. Leo is generous, noble, expressive, and can be dramatic at times, whether it's with words, facial expressions, movement, or dress. One thing you can expect from a Leo is a great performance, a strong connection with the audience, and a desire that everything is in order and goes well. But don't forget that Leo is the sun-sign, which is not as apparent as the Pisces rising sign.

Pisces is a behind the scenes type person, who will let others share the limelight. Pisces is friendly, easygoing, kind, compassionate, creative, dreamy, sensitive, intuitive, and a little mysterious. A Pisces is more concerned with the problems of others than with their own and may even know your question before you ask. At first the person may seem a little quiet and shy, but don't forget we are dealing with a Leo Sun who is not one bit shy.

As far as appearance, Leo likes dramatic clothing, maybe a little flashy, or with lots of gold and yellow, while Pisces likes softer, fluid clothing, in soft colors, almost like the aquamarine and blues of the sea. There will probably be a blending of both.

I'll give you one other hint, which may throw you off at first. One of the other members of the group has a Pisces Sun.

Community is such a great thing and in an area as big as Boston with millions of people, it's nice to hear that people know each other. I've mentioned the upcoming performance of the Ego and the Oracle at Jimmy Tingle's Off Broadway Theater in Somerville to many people; many of them have heard of Jimmy Tingle, and they were delighted about the performance and that I mentioned him on my blog. It's a small world after all.

Jimmy Tingle’s Off Broadway Theater
255 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144
Toll-Free Tickets: (866) 811-4111
Box Office: (617) 591-1616

Have fun and enjoy the performance.

Read more about Jim's Big Ego and the Oracle


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