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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Mouse Arm

Well, I've developed what is jokingly called "Mouse Arm". My right arm has restricted movement, and I will be doing less blogging, and I don't do podcasting. I was told that RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) is common with people who use the computer a lot. If I don't use my arm, it probably will look like it belongs on a mouse.

Now it's interesting that this has developed at this time in my life since I have been moving my mouse this way for many years. This is happening at the same time as an important astrology event, my second Saturn return. Saturn is restriction, but with proper, responsible care (Saturn), it should go back to normal soon. I caught it in time. I am seeing an Alexander Technique specialist; I was amazed when she demonstrated how I use the mouse. I use too much strength. She is teaching me, (Saturn), new ways to use my arm, and hold and move the mouse.

I'll be the teacher and share some advice for physical movement. First, make sure your posture is correct, sit up, don't slouch, but don't be rigid. Next, when you move your mouse, use a light touch and move the mouse gently with your entire arm in small, light, sweeping motions. Don't grab the mouse, hold on for dear life, or push hard.

Saturn is forming a t-square in my chart with the north and south nodes, and my Taurus ascendant. The ascendant always makes things personal and physical. The fact that Saturn and Neptune have been in opposition is not helping. Perhaps Neptune kept me in denial about my bad habits. I kept thinking ignore it and it will go away, but that didn't work, (I know better). At the Saturn station, my arm became more restricted, and I had to pay attention. Since Saturn has gone direct, I am making amazing progress.

It's difficult to use the vacuum, but I don't recommend developing mouse arm as an excuse not to clean the house.

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