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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Silly Is As Silly Does

I just read about Anna Nicole Smith's movie "Illegal Aliens" and it put me in a silly mood, of course they reported it is a silly movie and it was a silly review, and then everything I started reading seemed silly, and I was just chuckling away to myself all night. No, I wasn't on anything other than a bottle of raw Kombucha and some homemade sprouted tortilla chips.

I read a few blogs and of course, I attracted the ones that made me laugh. I love the article by Dharmaruci about genes and daffodils, and Lord Bath's wifelets. Maybe he was in a silly mood as well.

Strange things have been happening. I’ve been exchanging emails with an astrologer friend in Britain and my spellchecker, which is set for American English has suddenly crossed the pond. It took me awhile to notice this since I've been spelling like a Londoner for years. After I talked with my spell checker, and told it that it must go back to checking in American English, it did!

I don't know where my penchant for British spelling came from. Maybe a past life? I was once told by a card reader that I was Lady Jane Grey, which at first I thought was cool until I found out that she got her head chopped off at a young age. At least I could say, “I’m of the "Royal Line" (probably along with all the other ladies and gents that visited the card reader that day). Even though I got my head chopped off, I still loved London and didn't get squeamish when I visited the Tower of London. I couldn't figure out why the card reader came up with Lady Jane Grey, (who I had never even heard of until that day), until a few years later I found out that there was a movie about her out at that time. At least I doubted this past life, and I didn't flaunt it too much. I did look at her picture and there was a slight resemblance when I was younger.

Anyway, after Dharmaruci got me thinking about heredity, I was in the mood for some English fish and chips, or even vinegar chips, which just aren't the same here in the states. It's like having a craving for clotted cream and scones, or trying to get a proper croissant. They just can't be found in the US; I’ve been told it may be that our butter and cream is different, after all, we double pasteurize all dairy now. I like the old non-pasteurized butter, which would last forever and turn into great tasting blue cheese. Raw milk doesn't go bad, and in fact, it almost ferments, which makes for a great breakfast cereal and an even greater day.

Speaking of pasteurization the government is talking about pasteurizing almonds. The food scare has started a new trend of boiling the crap out of everything. This will allow farm workers to go all day without washing their hands, and since water is so scarce, at times this will be a big help.

The government’s worry about agriculture and food may give credence to the US Sagittarius rising chart. Fiery Mars will soon be transiting the 4th house bringing passion and panic to matters about land, food, and nuts.

Enough rambling, just checking in.

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Blogger Matthew The Astrologer said...

There's American English and then there's English English. I'm Canadian... I pick and choose freely from both pools. :)

By the way: love your blog, and I'm adding it to my links...

3:14 PM  

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