The Astrology Page Blog: What Does Mars Have to do with Music, Plastic Surgery, and Angry Crusaders in April?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

What Does Mars Have to do with Music, Plastic Surgery, and Angry Crusaders in April?

If you want to learn astrology, and you already have a little bit of knowledge under your belt, reading blogs is the next step. The astro blogging community is a wonderful resource, and in a way, it is reviewed by many professional astrologers who add links to intriguing and informative articles. Even if you're just curious about what astrology has to say about current events, you'll receive a lot of information.

Today's pick, if you want to learn more about Mars is an article by Kathryn at Collaborating with Fate, and you'll get your answer to the question in the title of this article about Mars in April. If you're new to astrology, don't be daunted by such terms as "occultations", "disposited", "traditional rulers", or "water triplicity", tuck these terms away to be researched in the future.

I like her style, she is informative, in-depth, chatty, and she'll help you stretch your horizons.

I'll add one note about Mars and plastic surgery. Mars rules surgery and cutting. In days gone by the term barber-surgeon, especially in England, was well know for surgery, and this did not mean haircuts. So whenever anyone "goes under the knife", they had better check to see what Mars is doing in their chart.

To go back to my question about Mars in April, have you noticed the media headlines in the past week about angry crusaders? The uproar about Don Imus is taking on a life of its own, and both sides are swinging. In his annual charity radiothon, he received 200 more calls an hour and the donations may go off the charts. The outcome of bad publicity is difficult to predict these days.


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