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Friday, March 02, 2007

How is Your Progressed Sun Affecting You?

From My Notebook on the Planets

Since the upcoming eclipse is well taken care of in the many blogs, I’m going to choose a different topic – the progressed Sun.

If you want to read about the lunar eclipse there are several good articles on other blogs.

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The Progressed Sun

In astrology, there is a movement of the planets called progression. This is considered a symbolic movement of the planets; the movement does not happen in clock time. The easiest way to compute a progression is to use a software program or consult an ephemeris. When computing a progression in an ephemeris, one calendar day is equal to one year. Since the Sun moves approximately one degree a day, the progressed Sun moves about one degree per year. If you were born with the Sun at 10 degrees of Leo, when you are 16 the progressed Sun is approximately 26 degrees Leo.

The other planets move as well. The Moon is the fastest and moves about 12+ degrees per day, and thus the progressed Moon moves about 12-14 degrees per year. Mercury and Venus may move faster or slower than the Sun depending on the retrograde cycle. Mars is slower than the Sun. The outer planets seldom change more than a degree.

Once the progressed Sun moves out of the birth sign, it remains in a sign for 28-32 years. Unless someone lives to be over 100, there are usually three to four sun-sign changes in a lifetime.

Sabian Symbols

The Sun gives us information about our identity. Just about everyone is aware of the meaning of his or her sun-sign.

The degree of the Sun gives more information. Sabian Symbols are a good way to interpret a specific degree. Sabian Symbols are an interpretation of the 360 degrees of the zodiac using symbols, images, and psychological interpretations. For instance, 6 Gemini is given the Sabian Symbol of “drilling for oil. Try to figure out what the image means, I think you'll surprise yourself on how accurate you are. I'll post the answer in my next article on progressions. In most books on Sabian Symbols, the image is the same, but the interpretation varies slightly.

When using Sabian Symbols, the degree is always rounded up to the next degree. For instance, 2 Capricorn 17 minutes is rounded up to 3 Capricorn.

The Natal and Progressed Sun

The progressed Sun is another layer of the identity.

The degree of the natal Sun tells us how familiar we will become with the natal sun-sign. The degree indicates the amount of time we have to work with the sun-sign before the major change into the next sign, and this is where the progressed Sun steps in.

If someone is born in early degrees of a sign, they have many years to become familiar with the energy of the sign. If they are born in late degrees, they are faced with the energy of a new identity in just a few years. As most of us know, identity is established in the first years of life. (Some experts say four; others say seven.)

For instance, if someone is born at 2 degrees Gemini, they have around 28 years to develop Gemini traits. However, anyone born at 29 + Gemini will receive an influx of Cancer energy when the Sun progresses into Cancer in the first year of life. A parent may brush off attitude changes by assuming it is the emergence of personality, but astrologers know better. The late degrees help explain why people at the end of the sign strongly exhibit the traits of the next sign.

In addition, how easily the person adjusts to the change depends on the mode of the sign. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) do not like change. A person with an early degree of Taurus is going to have a difficult time adjusting to progressed Gemini. Late Taurus will have some problems, but not as much as early Taurus. Cardinal and mutable signs are a lot more amenable to change.

Another thing to consider is the age of the person when the progressed Sun changes. The teen years are hard enough, but with an added identity change, this presents quite a bit of chaos. For example, a person with a Pisces sun-sign who changes to progressed Aries in the teen years will have a stronger identity crisis.

If this concept is not in your astrological toolkit, make sure you add it, and if you have some examples, post them in the comments section. I'll discuss them in my posts in this series.

The next post will be about the effects of the transiting Sun to the natal and progressed Sun.

Here are links to three good Sabian Symbol books.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know some one who's sun crossed from taurus to gemini at age 8.
He once told me if was afraid of death when he was 8.
Can this be related?

Getting a new identity is letting the older die.
My sun is in cancer for 20 years now. Pff have to think about that.

5:55 AM  

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