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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weekly Planets 2/25/7 – 3/3/7

Here is my interpretation of the planets for the week posted on The Weekly Planets .

2/25 Mars enters Aquarius - 8:53 PM EST

Mars the planet of action enters Aquarius, a fixed sign which makes Mars erratic and slower than usual. Aquarius is concerned with groups and friends, so Mars will gravitate towards activities that include others, even though Aquarius will keep everyone at a distance. A good example of this is a rock concert with lots of pyrotechnics and electric guitars. You're swinging your body, tapping your feet, and raising your arms along with strangers who tap their feet and swing. Even though you're all doing the same thing, you'll still be alone in the midst of hundreds of people. The concert ends, it's time to go, you want to stay, dance and swing, and connect with people, but everyone leaves, going separate ways, phone numbers lost in the trash. The downside of Mars in Aquarius is the stubborn, fixed, nature of Aquarius; Mars wants to push ahead, but it is not easy for Aquarius to make changes and let Mars go forward.

2/26 Mercury enters Aquarius - 10:00 PM EST

Mercury retrograde goes from Pisces (fantasy) back into Aquarius (logic). Just like Mercury, Aquarius is a mental sign, but unlike Mercury, it is fixed. Mercury is used to moving around. This creates a period of mental friction. There is one good thing, people will stop and consider what they are thinking and saying, especially with the retrograde. In addition, thoughts and ideas are innovative and inventive, so there is an opportunity to get a new slant on an old problem.

2/28 Saturn 20 Leo oppose Neptune 20 Aquarius -7:01 PM EST

Oppositions work through other people. Saturn is a critical planet and it’s easy for Neptune, which has no boundaries, to let others into their space with critical remarks that are hurtful. It’s easy for Neptune ideals to be shattered. With Neptune in Aquarius, criticism about personal expression (Leo) usually comes from more than one person at a time. Saturn is the planet of lessons. Saturn in Leo is bringing lessons about personal identity and expression, and one of the lessons is to build better boundaries in regard to friends and groups. Criticism is very subtle and not always easy to spot at first because Neptune is never obvious.

3/3 Full Moon 13 Virgo 00 - 6:17 PM EST

The Moon is shining full light on Virgo activities of service and analysis. Virgo is also the sign of harvest. Allow yourself to receive benefits from the service you have offered in the past two weeks, and to bask in the light of recognition.


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