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Monday, February 19, 2007

Pluto Regeneration in the Year of the Pig

We are surrounded and bombarded by bad news and read it as if it is our duty to be informed about bad things. Does hearing about the latest death toll in Iraq make you want to run out and help the world, or do you find it so depressing you’d rather close the door and not leave the house? Does hearing about the latest traffic jam or air travel snarl entice you to go on a trip or do you end up putting it off? Have you noticed that the news is more often about what’s wrong, rather than what’s right? Are you tired of being scared witless about bird flu, and manipulated by drug companies?

Today Venus is square Pluto; it’s not an easy aspect for relationships with others, but this aspect can be beneficial if we allow others to help us in difficult circumstances. Venus is about relationships and society, and Pluto is about regeneration. The following story is about how one person helped another to regenerate (Pluto). Read it; it will put you in the mood to take back your power

If you do a little digging there are good pieces of news, but they’re hidden on back pages. Here is an article with a happy outcome that fits in with Venus square Pluto. Read about a man who was able to re-grow his finger with the help of his brother.

This article is just in time for the transition from the Chinese "Year of the Dog" to the "Year of the Pig".


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