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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Saturn Rocks

Saturn is separating from an opposition to Neptune. This is the second contact for this opposition. The last contact will be 6/25/07. On my post the other day, I gave you a musical example of Saturn's opposition to Neptune.

Saturn is about aging and Neptune is about dance. Here’s a dancing clip.

Age is one of the big fears on our planet. The fear of aging comes out in different ways. One is the struggle with personal aging - excessive exercise, dieting, face-lifts, tummy tucks, hair transplants etc. The other is making fun of other people who are aging.

Another Saturn correspondence is “status quo” - or whatever is accepted and expected by the majority. It's not acceptable for an older person to move like this in public.

Saturn is uptight and doesn't like the “moves” in this clip. Saturn would rather have a cotillion, or a perfectly lined up “line-dance". A square dance is about as far over the edge as Saturn will go. Neptune in Aquarius wants something modern, eclectic, and a little on the erotic side of dreamy. Neptune in Aquarius doesn't care about starched collars and being buttoned-up. Neptune wants to flow and swing. Saturn judges the dance and shouts "immoral"! Neptune says, "it's just movement."

Saturn is a judge and brings out criticism. The following clip brings prejudice out of the closet with many negative comments about aging. But the majority of people said John Travolta was fabulous.

It shows me that you can have the “moves” at any age. Don’t hang up your dancing shoes just because someone says you’re “over the hill”. Whether it is ballroom dancing, or moving and shaking, it’s all dance, and dance is supposed to make you feel good.

Don't be Saturnine; have fun, laugh, get with the beat. People have been dancing to drumbeats for ages (Saturn). Saturn is an earthy planets so maybe it's not so bad for Saturn after all. We'll be forced to deal with the issues of aging and fun when Pluto goes into Capricorn early next year.


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