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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another Shift

I’ve received many calls, and emails lately from people in a panic about finances, partners, children, jobs, and especially health. In the past two weeks, we have been going through an intense vibrational planetary shift. This source of this shift is not the planets, although the planets are used to support and channel the shift.

The body symptoms have been nausea, headaches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, body aches similar to flu, muscle tightness, mucscle weakness, walking problems, vertigo, and dizziness. The body aches seem to shift around the body. One day the ache is in the leg, and then it moves up the body to the back, arm, shoulder, often creates pressure in the head, and then moves back down the body to new places. The vertigo comes and goes. One young man said he felt as if a great force had pushed him off his chair as if the planet had tilted. Last weekend, several of us felt as if we had a hangover, even though we don’t drink. It felt like a massive Neptune fog.

Perhaps Saturn is grounding this energy into form through an opposition with Neptune. Saturn is about form life and Neptune connects us to vast unseen sea of energy. Saturn and Neptune are not the creators of the change; they are the receivers and transmitters.

For others there is a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, or anxiety about daily life. There may be a feeling of being stuck and not getting what you want. This will soon change, especially when Saturn goes direct in April. Prepare and plan your goals in the next two months so you’ll be ready to move forward in April.

These symptoms will come and go in the next month, but should not be as continually strong. There is another surge coming up around the time of the eclipses, but since we are used to the surges, it won’t feel as panicky.

If you are more forgetful than usual, don't worry. We are all learning to use our minds in a new way. The information is still there, we just have to find new ways to use our minds and new methods of retrieval. If you can't remember something, it's on the internet somewhere. This is symbol of one of the new ways of being wired.

Astrology gave us a hint about these changes in thinking and communication with the Transit of Venus in june 2004. The transit pattern will complete in June 2012.

The new energy and the paradigm shifts are one of the reasons that we have to adjust our astrological thinking, and be open to new ideas. We did this once before with the outer planets. Now many astrologers are incorporating new celestial bodies in their work such as the Galactic Center, the Great Attractor, and Eris and Sedna. We are all on a learning curve.

If you are having physical symptoms that concern you, get them checked for your own health and peace of mind.


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