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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Does astrology work?

The debate about astrology has been ongoing for many years. In the past, the debate was between astrology and emporers or religion. In ancient Rome, it was illegal to cast charts, and it was grounds for execution. Emperors feared the power of astrology in the hands of the masses. When the church lost control of astrology, they started to condemn it, although those in power still used it secretly. Now the debate is between science and astrology.

I know astrology works. I have made mistakes in casting charts that have proved to me that it is valid. When I cast the wrong time, the charts didn't fit the person, and the timing of events was off. When I corrected the chart, it made more sense and the timing was correct.

Believe me; I question myself at times when working with charts other than my own. I have my own chart down pat, and I have watched it as the transiting planets make aspects to my natal chart. I know that events will occur that are connected to the areas of life indicated by the houses and planets. Sometimes it takes a lot of detective work to determine how a transit will affect someone else's chart.

I usually have an idea of what will happen ahead of time. I have even been able to predict an event to the minute. (This normally takes time. This is one of the reasons I don't like electionals.) However, at times, I have to guess at the specific area. A house has many different meanings. For instance, the sixth house has to do with work, service, health, pets, and by polarity to the 12th house, seclusion, hospitalization, or an illicit affair. (It doesn't necessarily mean I will have an affair, but I may have to deal with someone else's affair.)

Several years ago, I was dealing with illicit affairs of people of fame, celebrities and government officials. I was successfully casting and interpreting charts for a class. My 12th house was being activated, and there was a strong connection to my 9th house of teaching and higher learning. There was a connection to the 1st house even though it was minor.

Let me digress for a minute and explain how to determine if you will have a personal event in your life

Rule of thumb - the 1st house must be involved in some way for someone to be affected personally, physically.

There are many ways that the first house is involved.

Look for an Aspect to:

the ascendant
to a planet in the first
to the ruler of the first
to the dispositor of the ruler of the first
to a dispositor of a planet in the first
to the progressed ascendant
to a planet in the progressed first
translation of light, (this depends on the strength of the planet)
the significant planet transiting the first

As you see, it's almost impossible for the first house not to be involved.

Come back tomorrow for part two.


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