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Monday, February 19, 2007

Does Astrology Work? - Part Two

Part two of - Does Astrology work?

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Although there are many good monthly horoscopes, they are meant to be very general. If they aren't accurate then some people get the idea that astrology is silly. Astrologers who write for publications don’t have the space to present true astrology. Their columns are only an overview for the public, and not meant to be an in-depth reading for one person. Interpretation is important. An astrologer must have many ideas in the astrological toolkit.

Let's consider the interpretation of Uranus opposite the Sun. This means that you are unique, inventive, and free. (A large portion of the population is this way.) However, for each person the way in which this manifests will vary. The houses (as well as the signs and aspects) let us hone in on the meaning for each person. One person needs freedom in marriage, but is not as concerned about freedom in a job, or in the family.

A person with the Uranus in the 7th may get a divorce the minute the mate tries to restrict their freedom. Another person with the Uranus in the fourth house is able to deal with restrictions by a mate, but can't stand parental restrictions. Someone with a 10th house emphasis may keep changing jobs, or have their own business. Uranus in opposition to the Sun needs freedom, but this aspect is tempered by the houses and signs.

It is a shame that medical astrology lost favor when science started to control everything. The accuracy of decumbiture charts is uncanny. A decumbiture chart is a chart cast for the moment a person falls ill or seeks medical help. If the medical establishment used this model, they would be prepared for flare-ups of acute health problems. The Moon is used in the chart to determine the path of the illness and critical times of pain, fever, or other discomfort.

I can understand the reasoning of some of the skeptics. Astrology was frequently misused, just as science is now misused. When I read about bleeding a King to save his life by someone who was a dabbler in astrology, I shake my head. It has been proven that drawing blood does have remedial qualities, and someday it will be common knowledge how the planets affect the pressure in the body. It is already documented that the Moon affects the tides and bodily fluids. In the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing, the patient will improve. However, I believe many of the positions at court, including the court physician, who usually knew astrology, were political and not always based on merit.

The scientific method requires years of trial to prove something. Even with proof, science admits there is room for error, and science is always evolving. At one time people were put to death for saying that the Earth was not the center of the solar system.

Astrology is also a evolving science and must be treated with respect. Astrology is is often used for entertainment, and this often takes away from the credibility of astrology. In addition, it is unfortunate that the training in astrology is at times negligible.

In the end, the astrologers often have the last laugh. It is a well kept secret that those in power use astrology successfully. No company or politician will ever admit the use of astrology, and the astrologer is ususally sworn to secrecy.

If enough people used astrology in the way that it is meant to be used, it would be very clear that it works. Don't knock it until you've tried it.


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