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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Mercury Retrograde 2/13/07

I have received questions on the Mercury retrograde and I hope this will provide some answers. Here is an overview of the effects, with an example of how they may play out, and a few suggestions on how to work with the retrograde.

If you would like more information, leave me a comment. I'm still backed up with answers to other emails. I hope to clear my desk soon; maybe during the Rx, I can review, redo, and repost.

In a few days, 2/13 11:38 PM EST, Mercury will go retrograde at 10 Pisces 14. It will be in Pisces for 12 days. On 2/26, 10:00 PM EST, it goes back into Aquarius. The retrograde is over on 3/7/07 at 25 Aquarius 25.

Retrogrades are about redoing. With Mercury, the redo is related to thought and communication. Re-view, re-think, and repeat.

This retrograde combines sensitive Pisces with mental Aquarius. The retrograde starts out in Pisces making us more sensitive, but when Mercury goes into Aquarius we go to the opposite pole, we become mental, and at times unfeeling.

Pisces gives us the chance to notice our feelings when we express ourselves, and Aquarius gives us the chance to shake-up and reform our expressions. Honest contemplation will lead to new and higher thoughts and expressions, but Aquarius is a fixed sign, and can be stubborn about making changes.

In the past few years, communication connections have been changing at an incredible pace. To help us with these changes, this Mercury Rx is bringing us the opportunity to release hidden mental patterns. To do this we have to allow these hidden patterns to surface, and be willing to think in a new way. In the past, we were able to say one thing, while thinking or feeling another, and the repercussions were not immediately noticeable.

Previously there was a buffer zone between people, but the buffer zone is dissolving and something similar to ESP is taking over. For instance, if someone compliments you on how you look, while thinking, you look terrible; you will have a strong reaction, and a strong awareness that there is something else going on besides a compliment. When someone gives you a false compliment, you will feel more uncomfortable than ever before. However, if you’re a balanced person and let things like this roll off your back, you’ll mirror back something that triggers their subconscious.

A person may say something such as, “you’re looking good”, while thinking your outfit is bulky and makes you look fat and ugly, even though they know you lost weight. You might say something like, “uh, yeah, thanks,” feeling self conscious, knowing you’re wearing your old baggy clothes that are now too big for you since you lost weight. The discomfort may cause you to run to the buffet in frustration.

The changes in the subconscious and conscious may cause you to act as a mirror. You'll be a little confused about the compliment, you may think you don’t really look that good, but it’s no big deal to you. The other person will instantly feel insecure and start thinking that they don’t look that great and their weight is not ideal. They will run off to find someone to gossip with and make them feel better.

People often say nice things to control a situation. Like a boomerang, the control causes energy to rebound and the consequences are worse. If you don’t like someone, don’t try to control the situation by pretending how wonderful he or she is. If you feel that you must say something nice, don’t pretend - find something you like, even if it’s their shoes or socks, or don’t talk to them in the first place. Find someone to talk to that you really like. Better still; ask yourself, what is my true agenda here? Why am I trying to control how this person reacts to me? This is a tough one; it's hard to admit that we have an agenda.

Pisces is the sign that likes to merge with whatever is nearby, it does not have boundaries, and Mercury in Pisces will cause people to overstep boundaries with thoughts, and words. During this retorgrade, this gets confusing because Mercury in Pisces wants to get close, while Mercury in Aquarius pushes personal connections away. In Pisces, people are all over you, and in Aquarius, they ignore you.

During this Rx, we have the chance to see where we are oversensitive and how that creates mental tapes that make a loop. Aquarius allows us to see this in a new way and allow each one of us to be the unique beings we are meant to be.

The main aspect in the Rx chart is Jupiter, the planet of too much too soon, making a square to the nodes. This increases sensitivity. However, Mercury is in a sextile with the Moon, so thinking and feeling will work in harmony.

Look at your chart to see how Mercury Rx will affect you. The house indicates the area of you life that will be affected. The beginning of the Rx will challenge you if you have planets in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces. After the 2/27, the Rx will affect you if you have planets in late Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.


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