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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

From the Q & A Desk

With the retrograde and a fizzling blizzard, I am finally clearing off my desk and answering piles of correspondence.

Email #1

On many websites, I see that astrologers do the charts of movie stars. I am wondering how in the world they got the birth times for these people, because without that, no chart can be accurate, right?

There are many sources for the time of birth. Birth times can often be obtained from public record. Some places require ID's other places don't. Other sources are biographies, autobiographies, memory, interviews, family or friends. Astrologers may give out birth times if the celebrities have had a reading with them. Unfortunately, accurate birth times for people in the public eye are not easily available, so noon is often used.

I agree that without the correct birth-time, the chart is not accurate, but it will still give some information. When reading a chart with an unknown birth time, the houses are ignored, and the ascendant and the midheaven, valuable parts of the chart are not used. Also the Moon may be off by degrees as well as sign.

Often when a noon charts is posted, you may find the words “time unknown” listed somewhere near the chart. Astrodatabank, a chart service, always rates the birth time. There are several categories of Rodden ratings such as birth certificate, autobiography, biography, from memory, etc. The AA rating is the highest rating, this comes from a state or hospital certificate. DD is low - Dirty Data - two or more conflicting quotes that are unqualified. The lowest is XX - data without a known or confirmed date.

If you see a chart that says noon, assume the birth time is unknown. If the chart is listed as 12:01, it is probably the true birth time. When the minutes are listed this is always a clue that the chart is the correct time. However, even birth records are not always reliable.

A chart cast for noon gives information, but it’s not complete. Even with a noon chart, we can root out a few personality characteristics, and the timing of some major events. However, without the birth time, the progressed Moon, which is used as a timer, is unknown. Aspects to the planets will tell us that something is going to happen, but we can only guess at the area of life. I’ll be posting an article on astrology in the next day or so that will explain this in more detail.

The ideal chart always has the correct birth time, which is backed up by events in the person's life.

I know that Mercury Retrograde is a bad time to start new ventures. But does that also mean that it is a bad time to merely apply for a job, or should you wait until the whole retrograde is over? So many conflicting messages about the retrograde period, but I can’t imagine that we should all hide under our covers for three weeks! ; )

Life must go on, even in a retrograde. If possible, be wise and hold off buying equipment that has to do with communication, (cell phones, computers, TV’s etc.) and travel, (cars, bikes, planes). If you must buy something new, make sure you have a good warranty and be prepared to take it back (save the box it came in), or set aside extra time to set it up. It’s a good time to buy used stuff.

Getting to your question about a job, caution must be used when doing something new in relation to communication and paperwork concerning the job. A job is related to many planets; Saturn is the work we do; Mercury is communication, paperwork, and thinking that relates to a job. The type of job must also be considered. Mercury is the ruler of sales jobs, so sales-job hunting may be affected by the retrograde.

Most people have applied for jobs before, so this comes under the category of re-doing something. If this is your first job application, proceed with caution if your chart is being aspected in a negative way. Try to start the application process before the retrograde. It doesn’t matter if it’s not the company you want, just start the process.

Matters during the Rx are out of our hands anyway. I’ve noticed that meetings are postponed or rescheduled, promises do not come through, and duties are misrepresented. One of my clients was promised a wonderful salary in an interview, only to find out later that it was reduced by 20%. Get promises and duties in writing, and read documents carefully before you agree or sign anything.

Mercury Rx means slow down. Mercury is not always a slow planet, it moves like the wind here and there at an erratic pace. When Mercury is retrograde it is moving in a different fashion. When it stations retrograde it is like a sailboat that is becalmed. The wind dies out, the sails flop, and the direction is unsure. Sailors have to pay attention and wait for the wind to start up again, and be ready to adjust the course. In the time of calm, they have the chance to notice what needs to be done. We must do the same.

On the day of a Mercury station retrograde, we are becalmed. For my area, a blizzard was predicted, but we only got an inch of snow, and we didn’t get fierce winds. Once Mercury starts to move, the winds will change. Because of the blizzard, I decided to stay home, go over old paperwork, and clear my desk. This is a perfect Mercury Rx thing to do.

If you're job hunting call up old friends and contacts and let them know you're looking. Think about doing something you've done before, whether it's the way you look for a job, or going to a previous employer.

Look at your chart and how it will be affected. If it is a good aspect, you problems will be minor. If it is a hard aspect, it is telling you to be diligent. Check the house of the Mercury Rx for more information.

Email #2

I started reading your site for the first time today and noticed what I think is a typo:
'evlolutionary' instead of 'evolutionary'. Can it be?
I am a Virgo (and a biochemist/medical writer/editor), so I pick up on such typos

Since we are actually spiritual beings and our main purpose is to advance our spirits/spirituality (I have Pisces ascendent), I love your approach! Thanks for your work!

Thanks for the proofread and the compliment. I could use a good Virgo in my office. I don't have a proofreader anymore, much less an employee, so please feel free to send me corrections any time.

This is a good example of Mercury Rx. When progressed Mercury went retrograde in my chart, I started making many mistakes. I had to decrease my output, and do my proofreading with care. Sentence structure was harder for me, and this came as a surprise since I've been writing all my life. I came up with two solutions. I had to proofread several hours later, or on a different day, and do the proofread more than once. I also had to proofread in a different program, most of the time this works. I also had to learn to let go of perfection, a hard thing to do with Mars in Virgo.

If your Pisces ascendant is in late degrees, the station retrograde is bringing you a gift. Even if it is not exact on the day of the retro, it will connect at some time before 2/27.

Planets always bring gifts, even if they are in the form of a challenge.


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