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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Track Santa

One of Santa's helpers has given me a link to track Santa's path and get the latest sighting.

NORAD Tracks Santa 2006

He takes his work seriously as you can see by his expression, (he's a Capricorn); he's a little tired, but he's taking a moment to revive, and give me this message. All is going well, they're on track. They've hit a few storms but nothing stops them.

For earlier sightings go to

Santa is always reliable and works hard to fulfill his responsibilities,(a Capricorn trait). Every year he visits children all over the world. Saturn in Leo will help him get to where he needs to go because Leo is the sign of children, and Saturn is a duty bound planet. Saturn will make sure the job gets done.

Santa's helper will be back to tell a few tales after he gets back to the North Pole. He'll probably take a nap and speak with us tomorrow.


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