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Friday, December 15, 2006

MIKA - A Rising Star for 2007

Maybe it's a Sagittarius thing, but I've been in the mood for music that’s either religious or upbeat. Every once in awhile I’ll wander over to YouTube and listen to Alexis Strum sing, "I’ll See You This Christmas".

I love her voice and the video is adorable, but after a bit, it gets a little maudlin. I’ll send some good thoughts her way and hope her loneliness ends soon. Just kidding, it's part of the song; I don't think she wrote it because she's lonely. Unfortunately too many people are lonely at this time of year. A Capricorn trait.

I do love the music at this time of year, but as my dentist once yelled, as he had the needle in my mouth, “this stuff is depressing”!! Of course, I had to mumble "yes" in agreement. I do agree, too many Christmas Carols about wanting to go home are rather bleak after awhile. We get to listen to this stuff starting in November. Even the Beach Boys get to be too much.

Sagittarius is an uplifting sign, but it is followed by Capricorn. After all the jolliness of Sagittarius, Capricorn can be dour and depressing. A few days after the Sun enters Capricorn, I've had enough caroling.

For some odd reason I've been in the mood for sopranos who hit can hit hi C and hi D. I found an artist with a great falsetto, who broke up my Christmas Carol gloom. He’s not usually my style, but the fast beat got me going. It doesn't matter that I can’t understand much of what he’s saying, except for the title of the song. So if you need a little "Love Today", and a quick pick up, listen to Mika. I had to click on the triangle in the listen button two times to get it to work. When it turns to a square it starts to load. It may take a minute to load, and you'll hear him singing in his falsetto after about 30 seconds.


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