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Monday, December 18, 2006

Galactic Center Articles

If you want to read about the Galactic Center Center check out these websites. They're all reputable, respected astrologers who write interesting, fact-filled articles

Make sure you bookmark Barbara's site, Silverwheel Astrology. She writes many articles that make you feel as if you a part of the heavens.

Lynn Hayes has an article on the Galactic Center with chronological history.

Kathryn at Collaborating With Fate always has insightful articles with lots of information. She's a must read.

Philip is our galactic astrologer. He has information on space objects as well as the planets, and lots of galactic CDs for sale. Just in time to buy a present.

Robert Wilkinson at the Aquarius Papers writes about histroical dates and future dates for the GC.

Zane Stein has an artcile on the GC and Chrion

Astrotabletalk has good insight and intriguing thoughts on the meaning of the GC.

For astronomical information go to Wikipedia


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