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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Astrology is Fun

I just finished reading Barbara Palliser's blog at Silverwheel Astrology. She is proving that astrology is fun and useful on an everyday basis by using stories about daily life to explain what's going on in astrology. She wrote about her relative's experience visiting New York during 911. They just went back, and I hope we get another installment. I want to know how they view New York now. You don't have to read stories about movie starlets or stars on the so-called A list or D list to enjoy astrology.

Another blogger I enjoy is astrologer Phil Brown. He writes about the music concerts he attends and give us some astrology about the performer.

I'll add a plug for his book Cosmic Trends. I'm thoroughly enjoying the book and plan to use it as a textbook in my classes. Even if you don't want to learn astrology, this book will keep you enthralled. This is also a good book to learn business trends. Find out what's coming up.

I don't have time to do much writing now, so I'll feature other bloggers that I enjoy.

If you have some good astrology stories, send them to me and I'll post them with a short review.

Another plug for my stuff. Buy a report or a consultation for a holiday gift.


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