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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Jupiter, Merucury, Mars Alignment

I've received quite a bit of correspondence on the alignment of Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury this weekend. Most people asked if the alignment is causing their extremely upbeat, optimistic moods, and I say yes.

Sunday will be the day that these three planets will be the closest, and visible in most parts of the world. You'll see these planets as bright lights next to each other, even though they are separated by hundreds of millions of miles. Although they'll be very bright, it will be difficult to see them with the naked eye, especially near a city. If you hold out your thumb, it will cover the three planets. When looking for the planets, look for the objects that don't twinkle.

You'll be able to see them again on Monday, but they won't be as close.

This is a picture from Astronomy Picture of the Day a from a few days ago. I'm sure there will be more. The tiny little light in the center of the picture below the dark clouds is Jupiter. It is much clearer at their site.

The last close conjunction of these three planets was in 1925, and the next will be in 2053.

You'll be able to see them before dawn, however, when you view anything in the sky in close proximity to the Sun; you must take precautions, so finish your viewing before the Sun rises.

In astrology this is considered powerful because they are conjunct by declination as well as longtitude. A conjunction by declination is sometimes more powerful than a conjunction by longitude. Declination is associated with the path of the Sun, called the ecliptic. When planets line up together along this path, they are conjunct by declination. The fact that we have a line-up of six planets in Sagittarius is even more prophetic for good news.

Even if the alignment is making a hard aspect to your natal chart, you will still receive some benefit. Because it is in the sign Sagittarius, you have to watch for, exaggerating, overdoing, or judgment, and don't be overbearing.

For those who have good aspects, this conjunction will make it almost effortless to attract good things, and you don't have to view the planets to receive the benefits. If you have a hard aspect, you still have the opportunity to attract good things; you just have to work a little harder. This should bring good reports in the news in the days to come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i just saw the alignment today, december 12th. It was great. Jupiter was easy to identify with the naked eye. The other two I could see with my binoculars. Cool Stuff.

7:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

please watch the soho satellite images. the sun reacts to our solar system, releasing larger flares during alignments etc. think of it as smoke in space.
when our planet is touched by this smoke, we are being bombarded by trillions of trillions of photons, passing between the molecules of our bodies, exciting them at the level of quarks (i forget the exact name of that level of magnification).

8:22 AM  

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