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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Computer Glitches, Sunspot 930, Coronal Holes, and the Galactic Center

Has your internet connection been slow, or has your connection crashed when visiting sites? Many networks have been experiencing problems in the past few days. No it's not due to Mercury Retrograde, and for most of you, it's not some ghastly aspect in your chart. Several things are going on. One of the biggest has to do with the Sun. Sunspot 930 is going berserk. On December 14th, the Sun had a massive coronal ejection causing severe geomagnetic storms. This affects satellite transmissions as well as giving us magnificent auroras. Here is a picture of the aurora.

Go to Space Weather for more information. We'll experience another ejection on 12/16. Also solar wind from the coronal hole could reach us on 12/19.

Let's look at what's going on astrologically. This week the Sun and Pluto are making a conjunction, and the Galactic Center is involved. On 12/18, the Sun, the powerhouse in our galaxy,makes a conjunction to the Galactic Center. On 12/28, Pluto, the big transformer, conjuncts the GC. We'll see what that tiny little dwarf can do when sitting on the GC.

Sun, Pluto, and the Galactic Center, what an unknown mix. We know that energy (the Sun) and a transformer (Pluto) will work with the source (the Galactic Center). Unfortunately we can only guess what the source means, how it works for astrology, and how the three work together. These planetary conjunctions may be part of the reason that sunspot 930 is larger than the usual sunspot. This is an X-class flare, the biggest of the flares; x-flares are major events that can trigger satellite problems, internet disconnects, radio blackouts, and long-lasting radiation storms.

Click here to read more about the Galactic Center at Wikipedia.

Read my previous article on the Galactic Center

I'll hunt up all the astrological articles I've found on the Galactic Center and post them tomorrow.


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