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Friday, September 15, 2006

Eris, Xena, UB313

The name of UB313 was announced on September 14, 2006; it will be called Eris, the Greek goddess of discord and strife. Don't be fooled by the fact that she is no longer the warrior princess Xena; Eris packs a powerful punch, in fact, she is rumored to be among the causes of the Trojan War.

How will Eris be used astrologically? How will we determine what she means? First, the name of something is very important. Names submitted to the IAU are taken from mythology. Astrologers will now be able to look at the myths surrounding Eris and build the meanings. A chart is cast for the time of discovery and analyzed, world events at the time of discovery are taken into consideration, as well as events that occurred when Eris historically was in transit with other planets. Then natal charts of clients and famous people will be pulled out to see what effects she caused. Since, 1930 Eris had been in the sign Aries; currently she's around 21 Aries. In her mythology, Eris is the sister of Ares, the god of war. Again we see the war theme.

I also like to consider what the numbers mean. Eris is catalogued as 136199, which breaks down to the number 11. Eleven is a master number, and master numbers have two sides to them. They bring good, but they're not always easy to handle; the negative side of eleven brings hidden trials, treachery and division. This supports the mythology of Eris. In ancient numerology, the name Eris also breaks down to the number 11.

The total of the number 136199 before it is broken down is 29, and this gives us another hint. Twenty-nine is another number of treachery and deception and it's a very intense karmic number. Twenty-nine is a test, which involves the opposite sex. Eris is accused of inciting the men of Troy to believe that their ideas were the only way.

This is just a starting point. For more ideas on the meanings of Eris, go to Phil Brown's Astroblog or Astrological Musings

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