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Monday, September 04, 2006

Cry Me A River

Today Pluto goes direct. We'll see what happens with the IAU decision about Pluto now that it's direct. It seems a matter of semantics to me. Pluto is still a planet, even though they call it a dwarf. But after all, physically, it is tiny. Remember what I've said in my past articles - tiny does not mean insignificant.

Pay close attention. The IAU may think they demoted Pluto, but Pluto doesn't let anyone mess with him. This means Pluto has announced that he's changing, and so the world must change as well. As Pluto approaches the Galactic Center at 26 Sagittarius 55, we must upgrade our old definitions and myths. Which of your natal or progressed houses is Pluto affecting? Note the aspects to determine the intensity of the effect.

A petition among scientists protesting the decision has been completed. Pluto is not finished with us yet. The tears we've shed may be for naught.

If you've been letting the garbage pile up during this Pluto retrograde, it's now time to put out the trash and clean up the waste, and this is for everyone, on all levels. Pluto doesn't go Rx again until March 31, 2007. We now have the opportunity to upgrade our personal myths.

As an aside, Australian TV personality, Steven Irwin, age 44, known as the Crocodile Hunter, a popular, and well-admired, conservationist, was killed today by a stingray, while filming off the Great Barrier Reef. It's very synchronistic that this happened just after his turtle Harriet, the oldest turtle alive, died on June 24, 2006. This is a very Plutonian, Neptunian event, and again, more tears.

Lunar Eclipse

There’s a lunar eclipse on September 7, 2006. For the data go to Fred Espanek's NASA site. Even though the eclipse starts at 16:42 UT, we won't see it until 17:30 UT, and it will only be seen through parts of Africa, Asia, and Australia.

September usually brings a harvest Moon, but this is not a true harvest Moon eclipse. Dorothy Oja says that the harvest moon is the next Full Moon, on October 6 after the Fall Equinox. Oh dear, so many people were excited to have the Lunar Eclipse Harvest Moon; it sounded so prophetic, didn't it?

This eclipse will bring surprises, for it's less than three degrees separating from Uranus. The Uranus midpoint of its retrograde is on 9/5 with an opposition to the Sun, which is shaking up our world. As I mentioned in my Moon Blog, as the Sun is opposing Uranus on 9/5, the Moon squares Jupiter, and the thought "Cry Me a River" comes to my mind. the title of a famous single by Arthur Hamilton, sung by Julie London. Recently, Justin Timberlake did a song with the same title. Anyway, emotions will be gushing, sudden, and overblown. The Moon moves on to a conjunction with Neptune, and things could get drippy and sentimental. Even though the eclipse is a few days later, this is setting us up for some roller coaster emotions at the eclipse.

The connection of the eclipse and Uranus is shown by the Uranus Rx station degree of 14 Pisces 53 on June 19, 2006. This eclipse couldn't get much closer to that point, so expect fireworks. The eclipse in the mutable signs Virgo and Pisces, tells us that we must remain flexible and be ready for any surprises that Uranus brings. To understand how this affects you personally, look at your chart and note the houses of the eclipse, as well as the aspects, to see if you'll be crying a river.


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