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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Crocodile Hunter

Even though we're used to hearing about death in the news on a daily basis, it still comes as a shock, especially when it is sudden, violent, and unexpected, and involves a famous personality. Our thoughts go out to the family, loved ones, and friends of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, who died while filming off the Great Barrier Reef. A usually docile sea creature, the stingray, pierced him through the heart, and he died a short time later after going into a coma.

The Australian Parliament took a break for a tribute, and they've offered a state funeral, if his family agrees. Later, a video of his death may be shown with the approval of his family. It's been reported that this is what he would've wanted, and he's quoted as saying, "always keep the cameras rolling even in death." It's being said that for Australians, this is on a par with Diana.

The following is a brief overview of his chart in regard to his death.

Irwin has a compassionate Pisces Sun, near Venus in Pisces, (DOB:2/22/62 Victoria, Australia, time unknown), and a stellium of four planets in out-of-the-ordinary Aquarius: Saturn, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.

Pisces is the sign of the fishes, and he left his body by way of the sea, (Pisces).

His Sun in Pisces (film) is conjunct Formalhaut, one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, the bringer of success through noble ideals, so we see his rise to fame through TV.

One of the main challenges in Steve Irwin's chart is the natal fixed T-square formation of the beneficial North Node in Leo, opposing Mars in Aquarius, with Neptune in Scorpio squaring both. The benefic North Node has a counterpart, the malefic South Node, which always involves loss of some sort, and in his chart, it’s with Mars. Mars opposing the North Node reduces its benefits and protection. Mars is the planet of impulse, taking risks, and danger. Neptune is poor, or clouded, judgment. Most of his work had been on land, he was not as familiar with the dangers on the sea, and this risk proved fatal.

I won't go into all the math of the fixed T-square that's affecting his chart, let me just say that the current, transiting, fixed T-square of Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo, and Neptune in Aquarius, are making difficult aspects to that natal fixed formation. Mars is the planet that cuts things out completely. Jupiter, associated with death, is approaching a square to Mars. Saturn, the grim reaper, is also part of this configuration. Picture transiting Saturn, the reaper making an opposition to piercing, cutting, natal Mars, next to the malefic South Node, squared by transiting Jupiter, which makes things bigger, and you start to get the picture. Even though Saturn is separating from Mars, it's still active because of the square from transit Jupiter in Scorpio (death). Jupiter continues the resonance. Draw this out on a piece of paper and you'll get the idea.

Uranus was in trine with progressed Neptune within one minute, so this brought a blessing in disguise by making the sudden death in the sea, over and done quickly. In astrology, Uranus and Neptune are called generational planets, in other words, they cause a tremendous affect a large section of the population, ususally in the same age groups.

In addition, there were two quincunxes. A quincunx is considered a death aspect depending on its position. The Sun is in an eighth house quincunx to Mars, and Mars is in an eighth house quincunx to the Sun. The Sun rules the vital signs and the heart, which was pierced by Mars. Mars is known for knives, barbs, anything that cuts, or any warlike instruments.

Since the birth time is unknown, we are not sure about the natal Moon. However, the eclipse on 9/22 may be making square to his Moon. Depending on the time of birth, it may be approaching or separating. Most astrologers say an eclipse has a one-degree orb; others say it may have wider orbs. With the arbitrary noon birth, the Moon is at 00 Libra 18. This gives the eclipse up to a six-degree orb. As more information is revealed about his birth data, we’ll know if the eclipse is involved.

For an opinion that relates to Neptune and Jupiter, go to Crocodile Tears. This is Neptune as martyr, and Jupiter blowing things out of proportion, and only looking at the bright side.


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