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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

9/6 Lunar Eclipse September 7

Beginning at 6:42 PM in Britain, 2:42 PM on the East Coast of the US, 9/7, (9/8 in Australia) there will be a Full Moon Eclipse in the water sign Pisces. In your calendars, you may notice that it’s listed around 18:51, which is the time of greatest eclipse. Pisces wants to merge with higher truths, and find a better world, and with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, it’s time to let go of the old world, and old ways, to find our first footing in the reflection of the Elysian Fields. The world is tired of being a martyr to useless causes.

The fact that this may happen suddenly, without warning, and through totally, unexpected events, is due to the conjunction of Uranus with the Moon. If something earth shattering happens to you, first, and foremost, try to get out of the fear; for only then will you be able to move on with ease. Pisces is a fearful sign. Think of birth, and the experience of going from a cosy, muted, watery world of rhythmic sounds, into glaring lights, loud discordant sounds, and being spanked on the butt, and you’ll get the feeling.

Whether you liked him or not, one of the first martyrs to this Pisces cause was Steve Irwin, of Australia, who died from an attack by a stingray in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef. This is important because it has been brought to the attention of the world. Leaving aside, his ethics and earthly personality, look at the deeper truth. It it is said he built a bridge on earth to the animal kindgom, now the bridge will be built on a higher level. This is a great metaphor. Read what I wrote about him here.

We had a wake-up call just a few weeks ago when the world became focused on, and fascinated with, Pluto, the great transformer, long associated with Scorpio, the manipulator, the sign of death, and the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. In August the IAU designated Pluto as a dwarf planet. Just a few days ago, Pluto stationed direct, ending its 97-day retrograde for this year.

How do we see this wake-up call manifesting in the outer world? One clue is through the spin-doctors of Washington DC. Lately, every time they come out with statements trying to manipulate, (Scorpio), the public, their ratings go down. This is a first, usually their spins have pushed the ratings up. They must be shaking their heads, and scurrying for a new plan, a new spin. How can they convince the public that the billions of dollars spent daily are keeping us safe, and that their causes are good ones? Public perception and gulliblity, (Pisces), is waning.People are starting to feel the truth, and manipulation and lies make them feel uncomfortable. As Germaine Greer, a witty satirist, stated, "will killing babies keep terrorism at bay?" Where is the balance?

Look at your heads of state and see how people are reacting. I know in Britain there has been quite a bit of negative talk about Tony Blair. He and George may not be going hand in hand anymore. Boyfriends, it’s time to move on.

For those of you who have planets near 15 degrees of mutable signs, you'll notice the effects of the eclipse more than others will. The mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.


Blogger NV Mojo said...

Interesting too that Bush and the Disney bunch are backtracking on some of the alleged "facts" that are not being revealed as "lies" in the upcoming 9-11 movie Disney produced. What timing indeed.

2:44 AM  

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