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Monday, September 04, 2006

Memorial Day, Pluto Station, and Various Blunders

I should be working but I had to sneak in a quick post. I'll be burning the midnight oil. I apologize if you got many notifications of my blog. It felt like a Mercury Rx kind of day, but of course, it was Pluto, and since Pluto is playing around with my Mercury, I can use that excuse. I really, really, didn't hit the Publish Post button with my Mercury finger more than once, maybe it was my Mercury elbow.

I was thinking about Memorial Day today, the US holiday that honors veterans, and many types of soldiers who have died for this country, a very Pluto thing, on a Pluto station day.

The last time I posted about Memorial Day was about eight years ago. At that time I had been in the woods hunting wild herbs, and came upon a patch of magnificent wild Yarrow, just the smell alone was divine. As I was posting about my experience, in my mind the Yarrow kept poking, and shouting about me, as if it thought I was hard of hearing. He kept yelling, "tell my story, I am the warrior, healer." In one of those intuitive flashes, I saw the Yarrow decked out in full gear and realized it was Memorial Day, which I had forgotten.

Yarrow is a deep fever medicine, a wound healer, a bitter, a ceremonial, and a psychic protector. I'm sure Galen had the Roman soldiers carry this in their pack. I believe Yarrow is a Mars herb. I'll have to pull out my Culpeper which is buried around here somewhere. It may be a Venus herb, which in a way makes sense since there is a warrior side to Venus. When you look at the Yarrow it does look rather feminine and lacy, hiding all that strength behind the lace.

Matthew Wood has a marvelous herbal, The Book of Herbal Wisdom. a must-read book. It's a thick juicy, book, very chatty, very spiritual, and chock full of information. I've met Matthew; he's a bear of a man, with a gentle nature. In his book, he talks about the elements and temperaments. If you want a better understanding of herbs and medical astrology, get this book.

I must tell you, I have to remind myself to reign in my mind. I could easily go off on topic tangents. My literary muse is laughing at me. It's the Pluto in Sag being very mutable as it tampers with my Mercury.

I will digress slightly. Writing this article is driving me batty. I worked on my mouse today, doing a good Pluto clean out, and the right click died. I had trouble getting the cover back on and it isn't fitting properly. It's easy to take a right click for granted until it's gone.

We've just had the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which pretty much destroyed the city of New Orleans. Now we're coming up to the fifth Anniversary of 911, and as I'm contemplating this I get a nutty call out of the blue, from a woman I don't know, asking me if the things going on in the world bother me. I politely said I'm busy now, and she hung up. End of conversation, end of the day.


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