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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Weekly Planets September 10 – September 16

For those of you who haven't been to my website, here is a sample of the Weekly Planets.

The skies are quiet this week, a quick letdown from the adrenalin rush of the aspects and eclipse of last week, and with the eclipse in Pisces, the vibration was a little un-nerving and unfocused. This week we have a strong emphasis of scattered, mutable energy, combated at times by fixed-planet energy. Air is predominant now so it’s easy to lose focus. For more on what to do: read the Moon Blog.


Mercury will be in the air sign Libra for the next 20 days. Although Libra is a mental sign, and Mercury is a mental planet, the feeling will be different from the last few weeks of Mercury in its own sign Virgo, when were able to get many things accomplished of a Virgo nature, details, schedules, work, organization. Thoughts will not be of such a nooks and crannies, busy-body nature. Mercury has dignity by “triplicity”, which gives good timing, but benefits don’t always last. Venus, as the ruler of Libra, tones the quicksilver of Mercury, but brings indecisiveness. This is not good because Mercury doesn’t pay attention anyway, and when its in Libra it can really waffle.


This is a wind-down period leading up to the re-set period of the New Moon eclipse on 9/22. There will be a push to experience as much as possible without paying attention to anything in particular. It’s a good time to clean out the mental closet. Mentally wipe it down, and sweep it out so you have room for the new earth energy coming in next week. You may feel head pressure, in the next few days, (not quite a headache), and at times you won’t feel like focusing, or thinking about things in an orderly fashion. Do the best you can, and know that better times are coming.


This aspect requires care and fortitude. Mars speeds things up, and Mercury, which is already a speedy planet, doesn’t need the encouragement. As I mentioned previously, with the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini, there is an urge to finish up life experiences, and with Gemini we do things at the last minute. Mercury conjunct Mars in air signs is not the most grounded of aspects, but there's lots of enthusiasm. At times people will feel like a ship without a rudder, or a navigation system, and to make it worse, they won’t know where they want to go. It may be best to let life take you where it may, but take a flashlight to shine on the bumps in the road.


Relationships will take a back seat under this aspect, or they should. Stability is not easy to find, and the fairy-like, flirtatious quality of Venus in Gemini brings out the nostalgic side of Uranus in Pisces, which is irksome to Uranus. It can be disillusioning because Uranus tries to throw cold water on the Pisces sentimentality, and Venus, the relationship planet, gets the fall-out. It’s better to pursue the mental side of Mercury in Gemini and find a way to blend it with the creativity of Uranus in Pisces. Paint, be a poet, write music, go to movies, and avoid the violence of TV and the media. There’s a overly stimulating side of this transit, and we must be careful. There is little grounding energy available, ideas float through the mind, and we do things without forethought, and regret them later.


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