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Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Daily Moon

For those of you who would like to read my take on the Moon's daily activities, here's a copy of the blog and here's the link.

I started doing the moon blog for some of my students over a year ago. I had intened to stop the blog when the course was finished, but it seems to have taken on a life of it's own. I 'm starting up my Moon Course in October, so the Moon Blog continues on. Yes, I'lll try to tape the class for those who would like to buy the tape; I may even be able to get the CD out. I just have to drag out my digital recorder.

9/14 Moon enters Cancer 7:53 PM PDT, 10:53 PM EDT9/15 2:53 AM UT, 12:53 PM AEST

The Moon is back to its old stomping grounds, the sign Cancer; you see the Moon rules Cancer, and every 28 days or so when it goes back to Cancer, it's like going home; the Moon can now rest and rejuvenate after its four week journey around the world. Cancer is the sign of home and hearth, and home and family will be in our minds in both hemispheres. In the North leaves are falling, nights are cooling, and the family is starting to gather around the hearth, or the cookstove, and soon the smell of apple cider will soon awaken the Fall senses. In the Southern hemispheres, winter is almost over and soon leaves will be shooting up, instead of falling down. This is the dance of the Earth, and the balance it brings.

9/15 Moon squares Mercury at 11:03 AM UT, this add to the indecisiveness of Mercury in Libra. If you are having trouble making decisions, hold off making up your mind until later in the day. The Moon goes on to a square to Mars at 11:43 AM UT. This brings impulsive feelings, which could lead you to make mistakes, or you'll observe someone else flubbing up.

9/16 The Moon makes a sextile to Venus at 1:45 AM UT. Don't forget we start to feel the aspects of the Moon a couple of hours before exact. In the West, this brings opportunities for better relationships during the day, while the East will have a good night. You'll relate in a better way to your pillow, or your sleep mate. Tell yourself to dream, sweet dreams of financial success, and see oodles of Venus money, with a promise to Virgo that the account books will be balanced. At 2:04 PM UT, the Moon makes a trine to Uranus. This may bring vivid Technicolor dreams, or wild and crazy feelings and events. If you’re awake, let the good times roll.

The Moon makes a trine to Jupiter at 8:47 AM UT. After that energizing night's sleep, you’ll awake with vigor, and the day just keeps getting better with a lunar trine to the Sun in Virgo at 12:31 AM UT on 9/17. It's a good day to tackle chores, they'll get done faster.

The Moon goes VOC with Moon trine Sun and moves into Leo 9/17 12:15 PM UT.

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