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Friday, September 01, 2006

A Saturn Oppose Neptune Bungle

This week I've been doing the Neptune thing. I finally got a digital camera. I have many planets in fixed signs as well as a fixed ascendant, so it takes me awhile to do new things, but once I do, I go full steam ahead. I've been looking for the right digital for several years.

I started out with a small pocket digital camera. Once I figured out all the gizmos, I started snapping away, but I couldn't get a good picture. They came out an odd color no matter what I did with my new computer fix-the-photo program. My friends don't appreciate orange body parts. The landscaping was very speckled, and my hair looked like metallic glitter, even after I despeckled. I also figured out why woman want big hair. The camera made me look as if I was all face with plastered hair. I had to get out my goo, hair spray, and various salon accoutrements to look normal. I detest that stuff on my hair, but I have a prominent Venus, so plastered hair just won't do. I'm also hearing my mother's voice about how I look. She was from the matching shoes and bag era.

Of course, in the back of my mind, I kept hearing the Saturn voice saying, you haven't done your blog. So I'm satisfying both Neptune and Saturn by writing about photography on my blog. I enjoy looking at all the other astro bloggers photos, and the little kid in me wanted to play "photo on the blog".

What I thought would be photo fun turned into photo nightmare. It wasn't easy and the Saturn square Neptune kept me on the hook. A fishy predicatment if ever there was one. First I spent hours taking photos that I didn't like, and doing the Neptune martyr thing. Then when I decided to return the camera and read the sales slip, I realized there was a 15% repacking fee. (Was I deluded or what?) I'll lose money, but it's better than being stuck with a camera I don't like. Before I returned the camera I trotted off to Radio Shack. I found a nice little Canon with a 30 day return, no repacking fee. I love it. I'm snapping away to my heart’s content. By the way told me about the Canon a couple of months ago. Did I remember that? It just slipped through my Neptune mind.

That's my Saturn oppose Neptune story. I had to make a decision (opposition) about photography (Neptune). I will be using this for work (Saturn). I didn't make the best decision the first time, but I've corrected my mistake, a foolish Neptune error.

I have to admit that as an astrologer I did something bad. I bought my new camera in a waning Moon. I had a funny feeling I'd be sorry, but the sales clerk was so nice, informative and convincing, and I buckled. The old adage held up; don't buy something new in a waning Moon. Live and Learn. (Saturn)


Blogger NV Mojo said...

While away from my internet during this same time frame, I had a series of bizarre purchases go wrong and it cost me! Ouch. Glad to find out why!

2:09 PM  
Blogger The Astrology Page said...

I'm re-posting this since I got a post error from the server.

If Saturn/Neptune triggered your chart like it did mine, I can relate. I'm curious since I' ve been considering the debate abaout does he, or doesn't he, involving the rulers of house/signs as to whether Neptune ruled a house that is involved in your purchase. Saturn affected one of my houses of work by rulership, but Neptune as a ruler did not, although it is IN a work house.

After I sent my comment, I realized that he/she doesn't apply to co-rulers since the feminine planets aren't co-rulers with other planet.

If you would like me to comment anymore, drop me a note.

11:58 AM  

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