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Monday, September 11, 2006


I was reading Jonathon Cainer’s “Today” column, and it moved me to a new realization. Jonathon went to Calanais for the Lunar Eclipse, and he talks about his insight into the meaning of the eclipse, the Lunar Standstill, and conflicts on our planet.

When I see and hear of the negative happenings in our world, and on our planet, it's easy to get off balance. I shake them off, do an affirmation, say a prayer, put myself in a positive frame of mind, or whatever, and turn off the news.

After I read Jonathon’s thought, the revelation-light-bulb flashed in my head, and I had an “aha” moment. I’m rather good a tuning into my feelings about personal matters, and when they bug me, I adjust my feelings or thinking. As I read Jonathon’s quote, I realized I don’t do this as consciously with outward global events. Whether it’s news about Global Warming, the gas crunch, war, famine, child abuse, or natural disasters, this news makes me sad, down, angry, or disgusted, and at times I go into the “what’s the use, I can't do anything about it," mode.

This morning I decided that I wanted to have as stronger desire to “want to be here”. I know I do good work, but I get frustrated because the world doesn’t move forward at the pace I want. My wish was answered today when I read Jonathon’s “Today”. I’m now able to see world events in a new light, and I’m on my way to doing something. I no longer have to sit around and feel helpless. I'm part of the army for good.

Whenever we see an image on the news that’s disturbing, or have a thought about the problems in the world, we need to stop and pay attention. Our feelings are trying to lead us somewhere, and it can be somewhere better.

As soon as we have these feelings or thoughts, we should think of what we want. Do a Cosmic Ordering type of thing. If you think about Global Warming, think “I want a wonderful climate”; if it’s water shortages, think, “ I want rain”, have fun and be creative, think of water asteroids; if it’s war think, “I want peace”.

What does all this have to do with astrology? It’s the power of the eclipses. Both eclipses are in signs that have to do with healing. The Pisces Full Moon eclipse is healing on a grand scale. The Virgo New Moon eclipse is healing on the level of personal service to humanity. This is one of the gifts of the eclipses, and I’m sure there’ll be more.

Today is an eye-awakening day in the US. It’s the fifth anniversary of 911. The fact that it’s the fifth anniversary is important; the number five is a turning point. This tells me that we all have an opportunity to make the world a better place. Step by step, stone by stone, and brick by brick, we can build and rebuild our world, just as we’re building at Ground Zero. Building is a Saturn thing, and Saturn is leaving an opposition (decisions and awareness) to Neptune (despair about the downtrodden.

If Jonathon's quote isn’t on his home page, he moves it to his archives. Click on Thoughts for the day and then go to Previous Thoughts for the Day, and check out his book on Cosmic Ordering.

There is a power in thoughts and words that we often don’t see. Those few words by Jonathon changed my world in a big way. Thank you Jonathon, for giving us those words on the anniversary of an important event in the US, that affected the world.

When I finished this article, I looked out the window and saw one of the things I love, many magnificent, puffy, white clouds. I’m definitely a weather person.


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