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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pluto - the Next Step

Some astronomers may think they’re getting a good laugh at the expense of astrologers, but the laugh is on them. They didn’t get the best of us yet.

The demotion of Pluto does not lessen its impact, or prove astrology wrong. Changing a name or status of a celestial body does not affect astrology. Astrology is based on thousands of years of observation, not on names. Pluto may be a dwarf planet, but that doesn't change the way it acts, if anything it may be more powerful. We know that the smaller a package is, the more valuable it may be, think diamonds or gold nuggets.

Here’s good example of the impact of Pluto in a chart. I’m digging out Mel Gibson's chart again. At the end of July, Mel Gibson was in the news due to a DUI (driving under the influence). Check my archives for more on Mel, also Jeffrey Kishner at Astrology at the Movies. Jeffrey pointed out the importance of the Pluto square to Mel’s midheaven at the time of the arrest.

Click here for Mel Gibson's chart

Pluto brings events of a deep, life changing nature, and reputation is shown by the midheaven, (MC), which brought the DUI to the attention of the masses (Pluto). This was a life-transforming event for him. Over the next year or so we may see how it affected him, but don’t forget Pluto can be very secretive, so we may not.

Does Pluto still rule Scorpio?

For several years, Pluto has been considered a co-ruler of Scorpio along with Mars. With the downgrade of Pluto to a dwarf planet, we need to re-think co-rulership. I for one work with classical rulerships. I always consider them first, but I still look at co-rulership. In classical astrology, the first seven planets rule the twelve signs. The Sun and the Moon are called “lights”, rather than planets, but they are still sign rulers.

When we read a chart, we always look at the houses involved by rulership to help explain an event. In Mel’s chart, Scorpio is on the fifth house, which is tied in with entertainment, and the modern co-ruler is Pluto (or used to be). If he hadn’t been a movie star, the news would not have been a big deal. If Pluto is co-ruler of the fifth house, this explains the Hollywood connection. Pluto square to the MC involved his reputation and the fifth house is entertainment. This makes sense; he's a movie star.

Is this a reason to say that Pluto still co-rules Scorpio? The fact that Pluto may no longer rule Scorpio does not affect how it works. It only affects the house it relates to by rulership. We need to do more testing and make life observations to come up with answers. Some astrologers will say a planet is a planet, dwarf or not, and that it is grandfathered in, so to speak. (This is what some of the astronomers are claiming.) Time will tell.

Just for a moment, let me digress. I often wonder if the one thing that may explain the successful phenomenon of co-rulership is what is called consensus reality. (For you die-hard "astrology is a science" buffs, I know I'm getting away from the strictly scientific aspect of astrology). Consensus reality means that there is a hidden metaphysical agreement, or contract, among humans about beliefs. If this is true, then the belief that Pluto rules Scorpio has become a consensus reality contract, and thus it works.

Other Rulers

Moving on from the transit by Pluto, I want to incude some toughts on the other outer planets as rulers. Mel's natal Uranus, Neptune, Mercury are in a difficult natal T-square. His progressed Moon was coming up to progressed Uranus within 43 seconds. The progressed Moon moves on the average one degree per month and has an orb of approximately one-degree. This forecasted that within one to two months something unexpected and rebellious, (Uranus) would affect the way he communicates (Mercury) due to something of an escapist nature, (Neptune). The Moon affected all three planets because they were in a natal relationship. However, the progressed Moon on its own did not cause the event. It too needed something to trigger it. Even though the progressed Moon had over a one-degree orb to natal Mercury, he started feeling the effects when the progressed Moon moved into position with progressed Uranus, but it needed something else to cause an event.

When the ruler of the ascendant is involved, it makes thing personal and physical. His ascendant is Cancer, ruled by the Moon. Wham, things got upfront and personal!

Look at the house related to Uranus and Neptune to see if they are connected in some way with the DUI. For Uranus it's the eighth, (death and darkness), and the ninth, (legal action), and for Neptune it's the tenth (reputation). Mercury is straightforward, it rules the fourth (early conditioning) and twelfth (jails). You may be even more confused than ever. Sometimes astrology is like spaghetti, it all ravels together, and we have to carefully wind it around our spoon to extract it.

One aspect by itself never causes an event, especially a progression. Many astrologers say that the progressed Moon must be active to create an event. To further determine if there is there is going to be an event, I use what I call "The Rule of Three", which I will talk about in a later post.

I am not proposing that the outer planets are rulers in the classical sense. They're not. It's time we start observing to see what they do, and not jump to conslusions. This means going through thousands of charts over many years to see how they relate to signs. There is a connection to the signs, but what it is I don't know yet.

We have the opportunity to think about Pluto in a new way, and as Debbie Kempton-Smith mentioned in a previous comment section we have to be open to new discoveries, not retreating into old myths.

My parting shot - if Pluto is a dwarf this may be more of a reason to be nice to him.

I got a wonderful chuckle, when I read Barbara Palliser’s article on Pluto and Virgo over at Silverwheel Astrolgy. It made me smile and get ready to dig deep into my closet.Then there’s a nice scientific approach, with more to come, from Phil Brown at the Astroblog, and just in, a witty article from Debbi Kempton-Smith who wrote the Stargazer’s Notebook, a book which I really like, and recommend to new and old astrologers when you want a good, thought-provoking, read.


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