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Saturday, September 23, 2006

9/24 Jupiter square Neptune

On 9/24 Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration, is square Neptune, the planet of illusion, delusion, and deception. This is the third and final square for several years. The first two squares were 1/27/06 and 3/16/06. We've been feeling this square for a couple of weeks.

Here are some of the things going on with Jupiter square Neptune.

Jupiter brings higher vision, while Neptune looks for idyllic conditions. This is a problem for many New Agers as they search for perfect peace. This transit will dim this ideal, which is often unrealistic. Many are looking for rapture or ascension as a way of avoiding life. They hang onto a belief that a higher reality is descending, which will wash away all negativity, and solve each and every problem. Actually they hang onto the hope that all problems will disappear. While thoughts of a new and higher existence are good, when this ideal (Neptune) is exaggerated (Jupiter) and ignores the balance of reality, it becomes wishful thinking, a fantasy, and is difficult to manifest on any level. This denial distracts us from what is important. Try to envision a better world without being too fantastical. Strike a balance with reality.

There is a political component to this aspect that comes from Aquarius. In some countries politics and religion are one and the same. Earlier this year we saw a reaction to Jupiter square Neptune in religious protests to a Muslim cartoon that was published in the media. Due to Scorpio, it became very intense. Look for some type of religious outrage, but not necessarily over a cartoon.

Neptune is associated with alcohol, and Jupiter seeks justice. Jeffrey Skilling made the news recently when he was arrested for public intoxication (Neptune). The Enron trial (Jupiter) is coming up again. The beginning of the Enron trial started 1/30/06, three days after the start of the first Jupiter square to Neptune.

The Gulf War Syndrome has been in the news. The government has disavowed that there is any such thing as the Gulf War Syndrome. This sounds like Neptune denial, and disinformation. During the Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990, and through the Gulf War that ended in 1991, Jupiter was in opposition to Neptune.

Other problems we may expect.

  • Increase of rainfall, floods or anything to do with water
  • Intense religious reactions to the radical free press, especially photos (or cartoons). (Neptune in Aquarius)
  • Problems on universities or college campuses, or during athletic events, with drugs and alcohol
  • Problems with pilgrimages, or travel to foreign countries
  • excessive trade
  • the illusion that things are well, causing the stock market to go higher than it should.

This transit could play out in any of the following areas.

Jupiter - religion, churches and places of worship, the pope, philosophy, publishing, education, universities and places of higher learning, courts, law, the Republican party, the senate, legal ceremonies such as weddings, travel, royalty and the nobility, foreigners, foreign affairs and trade, horseracing and equestrian events.

Neptune - boundaries, drugs and alcohol, pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry, priests, nuns, monks, monasteries and sanctuaries, hospitals and clinics, prisons and prisoners, secret enemies, bankruptcies, photography and film, music, poetry, oceans, harbors, beaches, docks, boats, charities, and spirituality.

We must beware of overdoing and falling prey to the Jupiter tendency to exaggerate matters of religion, philosophy, education, travel, and to things ruled by Neptune, alcohol and drugs, and things of glamour that trick us into a false sense of beauty. Once we overcome the friction of this transit, we'll reach a bigger view based on wisdom.



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