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Monday, September 18, 2006

A Steve Irwin Goodbye

Wednesday morning in Australia, the memorial for Steve Irwin takes place at 9AM at the sold-out Crocoseum. (This will be evening in the states, and the middle of the night in the UK.) Early on Friday people were lined up at three different places hoping to get one of the 3,000 tickets; and tickets were snapped up within 15 minutes.

Here are the progressions and transits for the day of the memorial. Whenever there is an event, we always look to see what the progressed Moon is doing, as well as tranits and other progressions.

Steve Irwin's Natal Chart

This chart is based on the time recalled from the memory of Steve Irwin. The source is Michael Wolfstar.

It is possible that this will be close to the correct time of birth because of the transits to the natal and progressed Moon, and the ascendant. The only way to be sure is to go back and do rectification with the major events in his life.

We see that his ascendant is 00 Capricorn 32. He was a good businessman, but he we also see the possibility of a Sagittarius ascendant. He lived life in a big way, and he was very athletic. I don't know if this applied to sports, but he certainly was athletic around animals. If this is the correct time, he has an angular Moon in Virgo, dignified by triplicity, which added to his success in the world.

What's Happening on the Day of the Memorial

I mentioned the fixed T-square, which was activated on the day of his death in an earlier articles.

Steve Irwin's Death

The Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin's Chart with Transits and Progressions

Let's try to refine his chart by looking at the transits on the day of the memorial.

The progressed Moon is making a sextile to Mars. Mars rules the natal 12th house (sorrow), and the Moon rules the 8th (death). Progressed Mars is in the 4th house (endings), and progressed Moon is in the 5th house (children). In the end, death and sorrow will be balanced by the opportunity to create better things for his children (5th house). The sorrow of the 12th house, as difficult as it may be, will be balanced by the sextile.

If the time is close to accurate, the transit Moon at the start of the memorial is almost a degree away from a trine to the ascendant, and by the end of the memorial, it will probably be exact. A trine is like a gift from the gods, and with the Moon going through his 9th house, this has to do with other cultures and foreigners. In addition, if we consider the fact that Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and the 9th house, this tells us that his death was not in vain. (Jupiter is a ruler of death.)

Transit Saturn, the grim reaper is now quincunx his progressed Mars 4th of endings. Quincunxes are adjustment aspects, and are associated with the 8th house (death). Mars cuts things out, and here we see the finality. Saturn then moves on to an opposition to Jupiter, co-ruler of the 12th of sorrow, and ruler of the 4th of endings. Letting go will not be easy.

Transit Jupiter is in the 11th house of friends and groups making a quincunx to the Sun, the ruler of vitality and life. Jupiter in Scorpio shows the deep sorrow of the group coming to honor (Sun) Steve Irwin's life (Sun), because of a death (quincunx), and to honor his expression (5th house).

Transit Mars (action and passion) in the 10th of reputation, and recognition by the community and the world, is making a trine to natal Mercury (communication), ruler of the 10th (recognition).

For the past year Pluto, the planet of major transformation, has been making a square from the 12th house of sorrow, to his powerful, angular, natal Moon in the 10th. The Moon has to do with function, as well as the emotions. It's interesting that Pluto is purportedly a co-ruler of the 12th house.

Overall, if this is the correct time, we get a good idea of what is happening. This is also an example of the start to rectifying a chart.


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