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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Steve Irwin's Memorial - The Event Chart

Astrology Lesson #9196-C

I was asked about a chart for the day of the memorial. A chart cast for the time of the memorial is called an event chart. Here is an excercise for you. For those in my classes, or new to astrology, this is a great chance to start reading a chart. If you're having trouble, or would like me to clarify something, leave me a message in the comment section at the end of this particular post.

Take the date and time of the memorial at Beerwah, Australia, 9/20/06, 9 AM, enter it into your program, and read the chart by itself. That is the chart on the outer wheel in the previous Steve Irwin Memorial Post. Or set up the chart manually by placing the ascendant and 10th house cups (Midheaven) on a blank wheel. (The ascendant for the daily chart is in the 12th house, at 29 Scorpio 51, the midheaven is 14 Leo 12.) You may wish to use equal houses based on the ascendant or midheaven, or just approximate the cusps of the other houses. Then fill in the planets and note the aspects. Go here to print out a blank wheel.

The time of this event is taken from the scheduled time of the event. Notice the late degrees on the ascendant. This is telling us that something is coming to an end.


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