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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Solar Eclipse 9/22/06

On 9/22/06, there will be a solar eclipse in the sign Virgo. This is an annular solar eclipse at 29 Virgo 19. Contact of Umbra begins at 09:48, greatest eclipse is 11:40 UT, and ends at 13:31 UT. The entire duration of this eclipse is 7:09 hours.

Solar Eclipse Chart

It begins in Guyana, passes over Surinam and French Guiana, then heads over the Atlantic Ocean, and ends near Kerguelen Island, in the Southern Indian Ocean above Antarctica.Go to Fred Espenak’s page at NASA for more details.

A solar eclipse is a powerful conjunction of the Sun and the Moon, which brings energy to start new projects, look for new ideas, or seek a new way of life. Virgo is a mutable, earth sign symbolizing grain, the harvest, and virgin territory. Mundane matters are the military, unions, service, health and small pets. Earth signs are practical, and planets in Virgo are concerned with ordinary details. Virgo will fine tune life for efficiency, but when imbalanced brings high stress, anxiety, and often poor health of a chronic nature.

The closest applying aspect of this eclipse is a trine to Chiron, and again we see the idea of health. This is a chance to heal wounds, but if all you’re able to do is lick your wounds, it’s better than not doing anything. There’s a wide conjunction to Mars, but it’s out of sign, which slightly distorts the energy, so it won’t be of much benefit. Because there are no clear-cut aspects to the planets, we must look to other symbols and connections to learn more about this eclipse.

Virgo, a mutable sign, signals a completion and preparation for what is ahead, and since it’s an earth sign, this indicates that daily material life will be a focus.

The eclipse is in late degrees. Twenty-nine degrees is the wrapping up of a zodiac sign, things are at an end, and it's time to move on rather than making changes. This repeats the theme of completion. We are preparing to move from a phase in the world of form that is personal and material, into the Libra phase that involves our relationships with others. Virgo says get your daily life organized, and let go of the stress and anxiety of criticizing yourself for never doing things right in world, especially at your daily job, or where you serve others.

The conjunction of the eclipse with the south node brings up the involvement with the past. The south node is always related to something that came before. We’re being told it is time to complete anything that is holding us back; one of the biggest culprits is self-criticism, and it may be such a miniscule thought that you aren’t even aware of it.

This is Saros series 144, and Brady 8 South. Brady 8 South Series means something is being finished; it's separation and loss. This series started in 4/1/1718 and ends 4/30/2962. The last 8 South was 9/11/1988. It started near Somalia, crossed the Indian Ocean and ended below New Zealand. The next one is 10/02/2024 starting in the Pacific Ocean.

In the chart for Washington DC, the eclipse falls in the twelfth house indicating a focus on heath services, such as hospitals and clinics, prisons, spiritual practices, and secret enemies, (not public or known enemies.) The recent problem with spinach is an example of a secret enemy. Matters to do with the 12th house often bring sorrow.

For an in-depth interpretation for the US, go to Moon Valley Astrology.

Pay particular attention to where the eclipse is located in your natal chart The house and aspects from the eclipse will tell you what to expect personally. Of course, you can always book a reading with me.


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