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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Steve Irwin Contacts and Tribute

The inquires and interest in Steve Irwin continues. I have gathered some website information, and put all my articles on one page. Go to the Steve Irwin Page.

For those who loved Steve Irwin, fans friends and family, he will always be someone special, and that memory will grow, and grow, and grow.

I didn’t know Steve Irwin, and I never heard of him until Harriet the turtle died, and even when I read about Harriet, the image of Steve Irwin was only in my subconscious. Since his death I’ve read many posts about what he did in life, and whatever your bent, this comment sums up what he did for wildlife.

Here's a comment from Chuck's terezella's website. "Think about what this guy has done. He was able to take our nightmares...vicious reptiles and snakes, poisonous spiders and fish, everything that makes us shudder and cringe... and not just bring them to life and explain them, but make us care for them, respect them and recognize the need to preserve both them and the habitat they so desperately need to survive. He did it with humor and excitement; even through a television screen you could feel his love and passion for what he was doing."

I don’t have connections to his zoo, but I do appreciate and respect nature, and I know the contact is healing.

I’ve been asked for a website and address: Go to the Australia Zoo website

Send inquiries, cards, or donations to:
Australia ZooGlass House Mountains Tourist DriveBeerwah, Queensland 4519Australia

There are many donation scams since his death, so the Australia Zoo is the safest place to send donations, and don’t forget to support your local zoo.

Several people have asked about Harriet theTurtle

Harriet the Turtle preceded him to the other side by a few months.

Harriet, 175 years old, Australia Zoo, June 24, 2006.

Read about Harriet
From Wikipedia -
From the Mirror - The Oldest Turtle on Earth

And finally Steve Irwin's bio .


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