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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror in Britian Red Alert

British authorities have uncovered a plot that would have harmed airplanes traveling between the UK and the US. They arrested several people who were trying to smuggle devices onto planes in their hand luggage that would have disrupted air travel, caused massive disaster, and loss of life.

What’s going on astrologically?

I'll give you this brief overview. There are many things going on, and the charts for the two countries uncover quite a bit of information.

It started with the Full Aquarius Moon on 8/9. The Sun and Saturn were conjunct, Neptune and the Moon were conjunct, and Jupiter squared all four.

Saturn in Leo, of personal rights, was opposite Neptune in Aquarius, the rights of the collective. Neptune shows that the protest was based on one religion against another, as well as against authority, and what is called the materialist economies of Capitalist countries (Saturn). The Moon and Neptune are both in Aquarius, an air sign associated with the skies and ruler of airplanes. Jupiter makes things bigger.

We are coming up to a Mars/Uranus opposition exact on 8/13. Since it is so close, we're feeling it now, and it was triggered by the Aquarius Full Moon on 8/9. The Mars/Uranus aspect was connected to the Full Moon by what is called rulership. Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius.

Mars/Uranus can be a violent aspect. We also see this in China with Saomai, the most violent Typhoon in 50 years. Remember Aquarius is an air sign, and with violent Mars this aspect brings high winds. Hopefully, the release of this aspect will make it easier for China.

Astrologers are often asked if we can predict when and where disasters will occur. We could come close, but this would involve thousands of astrologers looking at thousands of charts and combining the research with astrocartography, past eclipses, Equinoxes, Solstices, and Full and New Moons. The chart of each country must be examined to see how an aspect will affect the country. Do a Full Moon chart for the ruling area of your country to see the effects of the 8/9 Full Moon. For instance in the US it is Washington DC. Also, look to see what Venus was doing. On the day of the Full Moon, Venus was in the degree of the nodes.

Actually, astrologers knew that this would be a difficult Full Moon, and they hit it on the money when they said it would have something to do with humanity and religious beliefs.

The Metaphysics

This is good news from the metaphysical perspective. Authority (Saturn) has stopped a negative event from manifesting. This is where we see the good side of authority. This side cares for others, does the right thing, and protects society so that it may continue to do the Saturn productive thing, and evolve.

The transportation plot tried to move from the ground to the air. Last year, in London those in charge were not able to stop the terror that affected subterranean transportation. This time we see that negativity was not able to move up higher (airplanes/air). A negative vibration cannot move up to a higher positive vibration, it just can’t exist.

We are also seeing that these wars are not about religion, but about bullies who are using this as an excuse.

Now I'm sure there will be many people who will step forward and say this is a plot and part of a conspiracy. As I've mentioned many times before, we must see beyond the illusions (Neptune). We must read the message.

Saturn oppose Neptune involves a choice, and we as a collective have chosen to leave terror behind. This also shows that Britain is not a lackey for other countries. You have come into your own Britain, and you are moving forward. Your sacrifice last year was not lost. This event shows that now the entire world is able to move on. The path became obvious with 911, moved on to the 7/7 and we had many other disasters in between. This is a message; humanity is winning. Thank you, Britain


Blogger Barbara Palliser said...

Love it! I totally agree about the need to move beyond conspiracy theory. I have been shocked and bemused at the level of dismissal (denial) about all this from conspiracy theorists. It's becoming like a seperate religon all of its own :-)
That's a really positive interpretation you have given, this Brit says thankyou...

7:02 PM  
Blogger The Astrology Page said...

I finally have a moment to add a few words to your thoughts.

I read your post over at Silverwheel Astrology
and I agree. It seems as if the conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodwork.

Whether it is a plot or not, whether it was a plot put out by the government or the terrorists is not the point. This is an oppotrunity to walk through anger, fear, and resentment. This is an opportunity to become stronger, and develop faith.

We'll just keep on trucking.

11:04 PM  

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