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Thursday, July 27, 2006

More on the Reset in the Heartland

The heat is finally lowering in many areas of the country, and electrical power is being restored. As I mentioned in the post for 7/24/, electricity is a metaphor for a psychic/spiritual current. Power was lost and is now being restored. This is called a reset. In astrology, the word reset is often used in conjunction with eclipses. The power of the Sun is shut off and returns a short time later.

Power was taken away from three major areas, the Midwest, California, and New York. It is ironic that people in the West, (the new way) were asked to reduce their usage of power. They were overwhelming the system. This is a metaphor for a needed adjustment in personal power. Once the adjustments are made, they will continue moving forward and evolving at the appropriate pace.

Many people lost their stored food (nurturance); past food no longer supports them. Many farmers may lose their crops, they must find a new way of doing things, and they must be creative and open to new uses. Let's give them a little boost by visualizing and asking for new ways. Send thoughts of success. Be the good creator you are, visualize a good outcome and see what happens.

This power reset brings a change of heart for those in the midsection of the country. Because it affected both coasts, and the center, it applies to the entire country. However, if you are reading this, there is a change available for you as well, no matter where you live in the world. New energy is here to be used by those who are aware and willing to believe.


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