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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Metaphysics of Falling From Grace

More on Mel Gibson and his DUI

As many are aware, most of my blogs are on astrology, but I’m often given information on events, and told to read them from a metaphysical perspective, as well as astrological. One of my readers in an earlier asked me for this analysis. Look to my previous posts for more astrological insights, and links to other sites. This post is mostly a focus on Neptune and spirituality.

There is a part of us, whether you call it the superconscious, oversoul, or higher self, which is very aware of what we're doing in life. It helps us evolve, and sees how we fit into the bigger global picture. We're all connected in some way. The higher power, the Universe, Source, Great Spirit, God, or whatever name is used, wants us to evolve, and delights in any circumstance that brings us closer to the Light.

As I've said in previous posts, we have to get beyond the people, and in this instance, we have to get beyond judging the event. Yes, at first, a little part of me was disappointed to see that Mel was doing an ordinary thing getting loaded in a bar, hanging onto women, and then as Jeffrey Kirshner said "he did the Pluto racist thing." There is a smorgasbord of active aspects in his chart this month. Pluto is a big one, bringing him to the attention of the public and affecting his career through his arrest.

Everyone’s reaction is their own personal "moving-forward" opportunity. This is a “Pay Attention Moment”. To get an idea of "Pay Attention Moments" and their symbols, go to these posts to read the article "A New Star is Born" and another about the water break.

If we focus on the fact that Mel Gibson did something bad, and acted like a jerk, we miss the message. We have to get out of our negative, emotional reactions. Forgiving, or not forgiving, is not what's important, understanding is.

Think of all the things this incident brought up, and because it was publicized all over the world, it's important for all of humanity.

  • The war in the Middle East between Israel and Hezbollah
  • Bigotry
  • The Passion of Christ - the movie - Christianity versus Judaism
  • Substance abuse

The War in the Middle East between Israel and Hezbollah

Everyone was horrified that Mel said something bigoted. Many of those who were horrified would like to blurt out something similar, but they wouldn't dare. Not only would they be afraid of being labeled insensitive or bigoted; it may cost them a career, a way of life, or even their life. It was the way he said it that got him into big trouble; it was said in a drunken rage, and that's hard to forgive.

He let us see his personal demons, and for most people that's very uncomfortable. If he got up on a podium and said, "this war isn't right, Israel needs to find a different way", no one would have paid attention. If it made anyone uncomfortable, they are being forced to look at personal demons. He’s facing what he did; it may be on the advice of others, but he’s showing us that we can face our demons, if we have to. This is very Plutonian, and not easy to do, and he must be wary of any manipulation, which will come back to haunt him.

He’s also showing us that fighting something from rage no longer works. We attract things into our life in a lightning fashion now. What we give out comes back to us faster than ever.


He has attracted circumstances that will bring a major spiritual change. The boomerangs of bigotry and hate inflict quite a wound, and the sender is the one who falls. (Falling is Saturn.) Bigotry takes many forms, whether it's against race, or life style. Judgment also holds a negative vibe that returns negative results. People harbor judgments against fat people, skinny people, the elderly, the poor, the rich, the smart, the dumb, third world countries, or developed countries.

Both bigotry and judgment stem from the fear of not being able to control something, and control is hard to let go of in our world. Control relates to both Saturn and Pluto, which are now active in his chart.

It’s up to him to attract good mentors, and come up with the courage to embrace new views. We all have this opportunity now thanks to him. Again, get past the person, the hateful words, and the personality, (not always easy to do).

The Passion of the Christ

His movie The Passion of the Christ, and the accusation that it's anti-Semitic, is up again. He must look at his motives for the movie. If they came from a high spiritual truth, the reaction will soon blow over. Any religion that hangs onto the belief that “I am the only way”, d@mn you if you don’t believe what I tell you, or I'll be saved by the rapture, is in for a rude awakening.

In the New Testament, there’s a story that Christ chased the money changers out of the temple, now it's time to chase out the fear mongers, and the religious manipulators. Most of us are learning that personal integrity is the way to heaven and happiness, not lining someone else's pockets. Find the spirit within, and you’ll attract the right one without. Movies and spirituality are both Neptune issues.

Substance Abuse

His fight with alcoholism was handled in a compassionate and graceful way. This indicates we're getting a handle on substance abuse. We're being given a message that we're doing a good job, and that we'll make it. Unfortunately, our society makes big money on alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is encouraged, and mostly in negative ways, and to some it’s a symbol of status or peer recognition, a $1,000 bottle of wine, or a having a beer with the guys. Even sharing a line is a status symbol. I'm not painting a rosy Neptunian picture of the future of alcohol and drugs, but I saw that we're pointed in the right direction.

There are many people out there making great headway in regards to alcoholism. There are many people out there desiring to stay straight. I've watched many close friends as they try to make their way through life in sobriety, and find ways to transform. I myself can't go near the stuff, and I'm not part American Indian. Lucky for me, I never acquired the taste.

Just as an aside, I often wonder how society in the Middle Ages up to the Renaissance advanced as much as they did, since the only safe beverage was Meade or some such thing. Either they had strong livers, or they were tipsy most of the day.

I have to give him credit; he came up with such a perfect attraction to show him the corrections that are needed. He acknowledged he's been fighting alcoholism for a long time. Maybe his announcements were just publicity statements in the beginning, but it's something that will start to change him, and the world will follow.


Everyone wonders why the wars keep going on. In our consensus reality, we make a war on everything, the war against crime, the war against drugs, the fight against cancer, and the battles between religions. It's embedded in our psyche to fight, and so are the words battle, and the word fight. They're attached to almost everything the government does, and most allopathic medicine. The medical field is proud of the claim that they practice heroic medicine.

His movies are about fighting, as shown by the title, Lethal Weapon. However, we see that although guns are lethal weapons, they are not the cause of our problems. Emotions are the true cause of all fights, and words can be weapons. The internet has made this obvious through emails and flaming.

Mel is a mirror for the world. This incident is one among many forcing us to take more responsibility for what we say, to look at the way we relate to others, and reach out to them in a new way. It may take crumbling economies to do this, hopefully not

The Neptune Generation

Neptune, which is involved in his natal t-square, is the sign of spirituality and compassion. In his chart, it's in the sign of Scorpio. His generation is involved in deep, spiritual change. Scorpio is the dark, hidden side of life, and Scorpio’s death theme is one way to bring about major transformation. Neptune is not organized religion; it is about spirit, and merging on a higher level. Anyone born between 12/25/55 – 3/11/56, 10/19/56 – 6/15/57, or 8/6/57 – 11/6/70 is dealing with spiritual transformation, for themselves and the world. Look at the things happening for those from ages 35 - 51 for more clues.

Neptune is fantasy, illusion, and subtle coercion. His films bring universal changes by stirring things up, whether through death by a lethal weapon, or a cross.

The Numbers

The day of the arrest, 7/28/2006 is a seven. This is a spiritual number, a number of wisdom and knowledge. The time of the event was 2:36 AM, which is an 11. This is the first master number, a number of teaching, illumination, and revelation. This incident shows that we are all being given the chance to transform, leave behind our hypocrisies, and walk through to a higher level.
Those of you who are reading this are taking advantage of these opportunities. Those who didn’t hear the news, or don’t care, are going in a different direction.

Stars are messengers, movies stars that is, well actually, so are the stars in the heavens.

And yes, I thought Braveheart was crappy.


Blogger NV Mojo said...

Your work has amazing breath to it. Thanks for the time you take. I agree with the matter not being about forgiving or not forgiving but about understanding. Thanks again for your work.

12:44 AM  
Blogger The Astrology Page said...

Your comments have inspired me to touch this event on a deeper level, and in the meantime, I received information from my inner self to help my forward path. It's amazing what your two questions have done for me. I thank you.

It's all about helping each other through the difficult times and the good times. It's nice when we all reach out in good ways. When we're in the middle of the crap it's hard to see and feel the beauty all around us.

10:30 AM  
Blogger cobwebby said...

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1:44 PM  
Blogger cobwebby said...

Superb insight.

Can I add this helpful link too..

1:47 PM  
Blogger The Astrology Page said...

Interesting website definitely food for thought at Library of Halexandria

5:19 PM  

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